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Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2022 Pakistan

Zong offers a huge package of 4G data. There are hundreds of packages for users to choose from depending on their needs and requirements. There are daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly Zong data packages. Users who are not regular Internet users can sign up for the Zong daily network package. Below you can find the full list of Zong Internet packages with activation codes.

❖  Latest Zong Daily Internet Packages 2022

BundleValidityDetailsActivationPriceCheck Usage
Daily Basic1 Day100 MB, Validity 1 Day*6464*1*1#Rs. 23Dial *102#
Day time Offer4am to 7pm1.5GB Data From 04:00am to 07:00pmDial *47#Rs. 22.50Dial *102#
Youth Offer1 am to 9 am2.5GB Applicable from 1 am to 9 am*6464*1*1#Rs.22.50Dial *102#
Daily Data Max1 Day500MB Youtube 500MB Internet*6464*1*1#RS.49.50Dial *102#

❖ Latest Zong Weekly Internet Packages 2022

BundleValidityDetailsActivationPriceCheck Usage
Super Weekly OfferOne Week3GB, 25 Min All Net Mins,Dial*6464*1*2#Rs. 185Dial *102#
Super Weekly PlusOne Week7GB + 1GB WhatsappDial *20#Rs. 240Dial *102#
Super Weekly MaxOne Week16GB Internet 14GB For YoutubeDial *220#Rs. 300Dial *102#
Super Weekly PremiumOne Week30GB + 100 Off-net Mins 5000 Zong Mins 5000 SMSDial *225#Rs. 340Dial *102#
Weekly YouTube OfferOne Week8GB* Data Resources Only For YoutubeDial *6464*1*2#Rs 132Dial *102#
Mega Data OfferOne Week100 GB (Available from 1AM to 9AM)Dial *6464*1*2#Rs. 98Dial *102#
Mega Data OfferOne Week100 GB (Available from 1AM to 9AM)Dial *6464*1*2#Rs. 98Dial *102#

❖  Latest Zong 15 Days Internet Packages:

BundleValidityDetailsActivationPriceCheck Usage
Zong Combo Pack15 Days3GB Free Data with 50 Free Off-Net Minutes*6464*1*3#Rs. 200Dial *102#

❖ Latest Zong Internet Packages Monthly 2022

BundleValidityDetailsActivationPriceCheck Usage
Monthly Mini 15030 Days150MB InternetDial *6464*1*4#RS.50 Plus TaxDial *102#
Monthly Basic 50030 Days500MB Interne*6464*1*4#RS.150Dial *102#
Super Monthly Max30 Days40GB Internet*6464*1*4#RS.899Dial *102#
Super Monthly plus30 Days20GB Internet (10 GB 1 AM to 9 AM)*6464*1*4#RS. 550Dial *102#
Monthly Premium 5GB30 Days5GB Internet*6464*1*4#RS. 290Dial *102#

❖  Latest Zong Internet Packages For Postpaid Users 2022

Zong has offered a number of Zong 4G data packages for Prepaid & postpaid customers.

Zdata 20 GB1000 plus taxTill End of Billing Cycle20GB
Zdata 10 GB600 plus taxTill End of Billing Cycle10GB
Zdata 3 GB350 plus taxTill End of Billing Cycle3GB
Youtube 25 Gb800 plus taxTill End of Billing Cycle25GB
Youtube 12 Gb500 plus taxTill End of Billing Cycle12GB


How to activate Zong 4G?

Visit the Zong outlet to upgrade your 3G SIM card to a 4G data SIM card. You will also receive free resources for the next 7 days.

How do I sign up for the Zong Internet Package?

You can dial *6464# to select the package you want to activate.
How do I check the remaining MB?

You can check the remaining megabytes by pressing *102#. You can also use this code
to check free call times and SMS.

Is WhatsApp free on Zong?

Zong offers free WhatsApp to its users. You can access WhatsApp even if you don’t have the package. How can I get a Zong loan?

You can earn Zong credits by calling *911# or texting 911 “save”. You will receive a Zong load that is deducted from your next load.

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