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Wild Deodorant review: what is it and does it work?

Wild Deodorant review: what is it and does it work?

INTRODUCING, Wild deodorant: the world-first, plastic-free and sustainable natural deodorant here to change the planet, and our way of thinking.

We gave it a try over the course of a couple of weeks to see if it really worked, and if it’s worth making the swap to a natural, plastic-free deodorant.


  • Plastic-free
  • Variety of scents
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish case
  • Letterbox friendly
  • Compostable refills


  • Slightly pricier than usual deodorants
  • Body can take a few days to adjust

Wild Natural Deodorant Review: quick summary

Deodorants come in all shapes and sizes – but most of them aren’t packaged in recyclable materials, or free from harmful chemicals.

According to the latest research, it’s estimated that eight million pieces of plastic end up in our oceans every single day – including some of our trusty roll-ons.

So with this in mind, we were looking forward to putting Wild deodorant to the test and do our bit to save to live more sustainably.

We won’t lie, when we first started testing out the Wild deodorant, we were scared. Especially when we were told it could take a week or two for our body to settle into a natural deodorant – but thankfully, it didn’t take too long.

It made us think about all the chemicals we’ve been rolling on our pits for years, not paying attention to what these harsh ingredients were doing to our skin – causing rashes and blocking our pores.

Wild is all-natural, boasting no sulphates, aluminium or parabens – as well as being dermatologically approved, it won’t disturb PH levels.

Our pack was letterbox-sized, and came with a gorgeous purple case (with our name on!) and three compostable deodorant refills in amazing-sounding – and smelling – scents.


  • Wild Natural Deodorant, from £12 – buy here

The aluminium and recycled plastic case looked so stylish and chic, and it was so easy to put together – we were pretty gobsmacked. We took off the lid, unscrewed the base to the bottom, popped in the Patchouli and Sandalwood deodorant refill, replaced the lid, and re-screwed the base to the top.

We used two to three swipes a day under each arm, and found we had no excessive sweating – we did sweat a little more than usual in the first two or three days, but it didn’t smell.

After a week, our body felt like it had settled into the natural deodorant. Now, even on the hottest days we don’t experience excessive sweat, or smell – the Patchouli and Sandalwood scent lingers, and keeps us feeling fresh.

Most of the smells are unisex, too – so our husband was very happy to help himself to a swipe or two, also.

As if it couldn’t get any better, when we’re finally finished with one of our plant-based refill packs (they should last about two months each), we simply pop it in the compost or garden waste bin to decompose and help feed other plants.

Gone are the garish green, or boring white plastic deodorant roll-ons of old, and say hello to going Wild!

Wild Deodorant: unboxing and first impressions

The Wild Natural Deodorant arrived in a letterbox-sized, recyclable cardboard box and included an anodised aluminium case – as well as three compostable deodorant refills.

The case was purple, personalised (it only costs an extra £2 on The Wild site!) with our name on and looked really stylish – it made a change from the bright green, garish plastic roll-on we were using previously.

The refill scents sounded amazing, and totally unisex, including Fresh Cotton and Sea Salt, and Jasmine and Mandarin Blossom – we chose to use a sultry, woody Patchouli and Sandalwood scent first.

We were pleased to see that the pack had no unnecessary packaging material, was totally plastic-free and had helpful illustrated instructions on the inner lid.

Wild Deodorant Compostable Refills

Wild’s refills are a world-first when it comes to deodorant – they’re packed in plant-based material and can be popped in the food waste bin or compost to decompose into plant feed.

They boast no hidden chemicals, so it doesn’t contain aluminium, parabens, or sulphates – their formulas are also dermatologically approved so it felt gentle on the skin.

The range of scents we got in our refill pack were varied and gender-neutral, but Wild have plenty more online including Orange Zest, Coconut Dreams, and limited edition seasonal ranges, like watermelon-scented refills for summer.

  • Wild Natural Deodorant, from £12 (save 10% with the code BEWILD) – buy here

How long do Wild refills last?

Each refill is expected to last around two months, if you use two to three swipes under each arm a day.

Plastic deodorant lasts a lifetime in a landfill, but instead these refills decompose after use when put in the home waste bin, or compost.

How to Use Wild Natural Deodorant


It’s really simple, first twist the base of your Wild Natural Deodorant case clockwise all the way down to the bottom.

Press the side buttons, pull out the ridged inner, and slot your refill on top.

Then, with your refill and inner joined together, pop them both back in to the case – finally, twist anti-clockwise all the way up to the top and swipe twice for the day ahead!

If you get stuck, there are helpful illustrated instructions on the inner of the letterbox packs.

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How long does it take for Wild deodorant to work?

Every body is different, but we found that it took us about a week for our body to settle into the all-natural, chemical-free deodorant.

It is effective and works, but it shouldn’t affect your day-to-day routine too much. We found that sweated a little more than usual in the first two to three days, but didn’t smell bad.

Wild say this is totally natural, and have put together a handy guide if you get stuck or you’re unsure.

  • Wild Natural Deodorant, from £12 – buy here

But, our bodies are used to years of harsh chemicals on our underarms and, simply put, it needs a detox. Often, the body overcompensates with the lack of aluminium which was found in your average deodorant – which clogs pores and stops sweat production – and it can produce more when faced with a natural deodorant.

After around seven days your body should be used to your transition to a natural deodorant – but it could take a little more time for others. Embrace the changes knowing it does good for you, and the planet.

How much does Wild deodorant cost?

Our Wild Deodorant One-Off Pack was valued at £25 – but there are cheaper options available, as well as the opportunity to sign up to subscriptions.

The subscriptions are good value for money, and flexible from just £12. You can opt for a Flexible Subscription where you get three refills every two, three or four months at £5 per refill.

Like us, if you wanted to make a One Off Purchase, it’s £25 for the case and three refills of your choice – which could last you up to six months.


  • Wild Deodorant, from £12 (save 10% with the code BEWILD) – buy here

Already have the case? No problem, refills are priced at around £6, and come in packs of three, six or nine – but they’re fully flexible, so you don’t need to choose just one.

You can also buy some Wild refill packs with your next supermarket shop at Sainsbury’s for a cheaper price.

If you wanted to personalise your case, it’s £2 extra and there’s free shipping across the entire range.

There’s currently 25% off at Wild for Black Friday – the deal ends on November 29.

Which scents can I choose from?

Wild deodorant has a wide selection of scents to choose from and regularly introduces new and limited-edition options.

Currently available in the online store is the limited edition activated charcoal, which promises to draw the toxins out of your skin.

Regular options include fresh cotton and sea salt, rhubarb and raspberry jasmine and mandarin blossom, coconut and vanilla, orange and neroli as well as mint and eucalyptus.

On top of the regular scents, you can also buy a range specifically designed for sensitive skin: fresh cotton and sea salt, Jasmine and mandarin blossom, coconut and vanilla and peach Bellini.

Is Wild deodorant worth it?

One hundred times yes – we couldn’t imagine going back to plastic and chemical-laden deodorants of old.

We smell great, our underarm skin feels soft and we can rest easy knowing that our once-plastic roll-ons aren’t choking the planet.

It feels like Wild have hit the nail on the head with their Natural Deodorant, and have got absolutely everything right – it’s a little pricier than your average deodorant, we get it, but it’s a small price to pay to help save the planet.

  • Shop all Wild products here

How can I save money on Wild Deodorant?

If you sign up for Wild’s subscription you can save 20% on your orders.

All you have to do to get the discount is click here and follow the steps on screen. It means you can get your first case and refill for £12; a saving of £4.

Plus, if you sign up to get your refills every two, three or four months as part of a subscription, they’ll cost you £5 instead of the regular £6.

You can gift a free case (worth £7) to a friend, as well as saving 20% on your next order by claiming Wild’s promotion.

Click here to claim this offer.

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