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Wife of Controversial Singer Marilyn Manson

Lindsay Usich is the wife of famous American artist Marilyn Manson. Being an artist herself, her work has been featured commercially. We delve deeper into the life of Lindsay in this article.

Lindsay Usich, Wife of Marilyn Manson

An American painter, photographer, and commercial model for fashion, Lindsay Usich is a talented artist. Her rose to fame can be primarily her marriage to Marilyn Manson, the singer who has attracted some eyebrows. 

Her commercial mainstream work includes her cover of Born Villain, her husband’s 2012 album. She also has a signature perfume which she has launched and a collection for Cete, a clothing line based out of Los Angeles. This clothing line Cete is run by her twin sister.

Lindsay Usich, Wife of Marilyn Manson

Personal Profile

Lindsay Usich was born on 2nd October, 1984, which makes her a Libra. She was born in Miami, Florida and currently is reported to reside in Los Angeles, California. She is American and is Christian. Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches (170 cm). 

She has a slim figure and weighs only 60 kgs/ 132 pounds. Her hair and eye color are black. She is married to Brian Hugh Warner also known by his stage name Marilyn Manson. By profession, Lindsay Usich is a painter, fashion model for commercial events and a photographer. 

Personal Life

She was born to Hope, her mother and has a twin sister named Ashely. They both look exactly alike, and Ashely is even married to a rock musician, just like her twin sister Lindsay Usich. She was born to James Iha, a guitarist and a founding member of Smashing Pumpkins – a rock band. She has two children with her husband named Henry and Hazel. 

Lindsay Usich’s mother Hope passed away in October of 2020, the year of the pandemic. Upon her demise, Lindsay shared a tribute to her on her Instagram, in which she remembered and fared goodbye to her mother. 

Her post on her Instagram stories read, “Our mother, Hope, was one of the most strong-willed and funny women I ever knew. Last night she left this world but she will remain in our hearts and our memories. We will miss and love you always.”

Marilyn Manson also shared similar sentiments and wrote that he would miss Hope, too.

Lindsay Usich’s career life

It is known that Lindsay had her love for photography since a very early age. She studied photography by herself by watching various other photographers and professionals. Her leap into her career as a photographer had a modest beginning at the age of just 17.

She couldn’t even afford a tripod when she first started, and used to use books with which to steady and balance her camera. Her love and passion for her photography can be known from everywhere. 

Once, she said, “I find what works best for my vision is pulling something from the exact moment. Since I do usually shoot with 35mm cameras there is an element of surprise each time I develop the film. Sometimes those last shots I’ve taken impatiently trying to finish off a roll are the very best!”

Praise for her work

Her work has received praise and commercial attention here and there. Flaunt Magazine praised her photography work and released a statement for her photos “which blends a haunting, dream-like nostalgia with the frequent femininity of its subjects.”

Her exhibition is displayed in Louise Alexander Gallery in Los Angeles alongside her idol Guy Bourdin. She has also stepped into the fragrance industry and has placed special emphasis into her packaging of her scent. She is also working with her twin sister on her clothing line, Cete. 

Marriage to Marilyn Manson

The couple had dated since Marilyn Manson had separated from his then fiancé, Evan Rachel. 

Lindsay Usich and Marilyn Manson were later disclosed to have been dating for almost a decade. They were reported to be in their relationship since the year 2012. They were first spotted together in the year 2010 on August 14th, at Boudoir in West Hollywood. 

They got married in the lockdown period, and their holy matrimony was revealed on a show with Nicolas Cage. They admitted they had married, and actor Nicolas Cage was the only attendant for the wedding via FaceTime. This revelation came in October of 2020, when Lindsay Usich changed her social media name to Lindsay Elizabeth Warner.

Lindsay Usich reported net worth

Lindsay’s net worth is reported to be around $1.5 million, as of the year 2021. Her primary source of income is from her work as a photographer. However, as diversification he has traversed into other streams such as the perfume industry and the modeling industry. 

Lindsay Usich has turned out to be indeed a photographer filled with potential and a person who continues to develop, innovate and perfect her craft. She has continued to treat her passion with intimacy, and has received due praise from critics and commercial reviews. 

Recent news about domestic abuse from her husband

Otep Shamaya, a vocalist of a nu-metal band and friends of Lindsay wrote that she found out Lindsay used to call in the early hours, hysterical, and used to tell that her husband has been on a drug binge. He used to threaten her life. Her complete statement is:

“… threatening her life, throwing knives at her that stuck in the wall & verbally assaulting her. We offered many times to have her come to mine bcz he would NEVER come face ME with that bullshit (believe it) but sadly she wouldn’t leave him. So, my ex would be calm and talk her down until Manson realized she was on the phone and he whoa’d down.

“But then he started calling in the early hours. I was told he was paranoid, gacked out of his mind, and accusing his wife of cheating with an imaginary person who had blonde hair with a blonde mustache named “Don” who he, I’m told, saw on his security cameras…,” Shamaya said.

It is to note that currently, Marilyn Manson is finding himself in a bind and amid controversy as many women along with her former partner Evan Rachel Wood have accused Marilyn of being abusive towards them. There are petitions and cases filed against him in court, pending due process.

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