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Why Is My Interval Late: 5 Causes You are Late, Different Than Being pregnant

Most of us have thought it earlier than: Why is my interval late? Late intervals are the worst! Having to consistently fear about when it’ll come, and in case your bedsheets and underwear will get stained, is a big bummer. Greater than that, for some sexually energetic individuals, having a late interval may be certainly one of life’s most tense experiences, and unprotected intercourse earlier than a late interval can imply it is time to take a being pregnant take a look at. However for those who’re not sexually energetic, and also you’re certain you are not pregnant, there are nonetheless loads of causes for a delayed interval.

“Many [people], particularly younger girls, have irregular intervals. After getting your first interval, it could actually take just a few years for them to grow to be common,” explains Dr. Vanessa Cullins, vp of exterior medical affairs at Deliberate Parenthood.

“In teenagers, missed intervals can occur for many causes,” Cullins says, “together with sickness, journey, fear, or stress, marathon operating, intensive ballet, gymnastics, monitor and area, or different strenuous actions or sports activities.”

In case your interval is late, and you’ve got dominated out being pregnant, here is extra on causes your month-to-month customer could possibly be late.


“Stress or fear, sickness, adjustments in weight or diet, or strenuous train can all have an effect on your menstrual cycle,” Cullins says. “For those who’re fearful a few missed interval, you may get a being pregnant take a look at out of your native pharmacy, drugstore, grocery retailer, or contact your well being care supplier, who may give you a being pregnant take a look at and assist determine what may be occurring along with your interval.”

Thyroid Imbalance

“An overactive thyroid or an underactive thyroid can each have an effect on your interval,” Cullins says. “Your physician or nurse might want to carry out particular exams (blood exams, often) to find out whether or not you’ve got thyroid issues.”

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is extra frequent than individuals suppose, and “sure, it undoubtedly could make you miss your interval,” Cullins says. “PCOS could cause irregular menstrual intervals, infertility, weight problems, and extreme hair development on the face, chest, stomach, or higher thighs. PCOS can even contribute to extreme oily pores and skin and extreme zits, a number of cysts on the ovaries, velvety darkened pores and skin, known as acanthosis nigricans, and insulin resistance (which, if it worsens, can grow to be diabetes). If untreated for years, older girls with PCOS can develop uterine (endometrial) most cancers, diabetes, and coronary heart illness, all of which can be life-threatening if not managed or managed.”

Lyme, Celiac, or Any Different Continual Sickness

With the latest curiosity in ailments like Lyme and celiac, it is vital to notice that these can even contribute to your late interval.

“Any power sickness that isn’t managed or managed would possibly have an effect on the regularity of your interval or quantity of blood circulate throughout your interval,” Cullins says. So, for those who’re questioning “Why is my interval late?” or, says Cullins, “in case you are involved about adjustments in your interval, see a physician or nurse who has experience in girls’s well being care.”

Delivery Management

“All contraception strategies that launch a hormone or hormones can have an effect on the timing and regularity of your interval (together with the hormonal IUD, implant, shot, tablet, patch, and ring),” Cullins says. “The truth is, many [people] who’ve irregular or very painful intervals use hormonal contraception to make their intervals lighter, extra common, and extra manageable.” Cullins provides, “The copper IUD (ParaGard) can even have an effect on your interval. Barrier strategies, like condoms, gained’t have an effect on your interval in any respect.”

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