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Why Does Justin Ryan Simpson Avoid the Limelight?

Justin Ryan Simpson and Sydney Brooke Simpson lost their mother, Nicole Brown Simpson when they were young. Losing a mother could be hard for anyone but how one copes with it tells a lot about their journey.

The Trial of the Century, which is O. J. Simpson’s murder case not only broke the hearts of his fans but was challenging for his children as well.

After Nicole Brown Simpson’s murder, so many of you want to know about her children and where are they, but they always kept out of the spotlight and have continued to do as adults.

Justin Ryan Simpson

Born on August 6, 1988, in Los Angeles, California, Justin Ryan Simpson is a real estate agent and the son of Nicole Brown Simpson and O. J. Simpson.

His father, O. J. Simpson was a former professional NFL player who played in famous teams such as Buffalo Bills and San Fransisco 49ers.

And his mother, Nicole Brown was employed at a private club in Beverly Hills named “The Daisy” as a waitress.

In February 1992, Nicole Brown Simpson filed for divorce, and the couple divorced that same year. They shared joint custody of their two children after they divorced.

Justin has an elder sister named Sydney Brooke Simpson and both siblings were raised in their maternal grandparent’s house. Juditha Anne ‘Judy’ Brown and Louis Hezekiel ‘Lou’ Brown are the names of them.


Before knowing Nicole Brown, O. J. Simpson was married to Marguerite L. Whitley, whom he divorced in March 1979.

Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason L. Simpson, and Aaren Lashone Simpson were Justin and Sydney’s step-siblings. In August 1979, the last two of them drowned in the family pool.

Tragedy Had a Devastating Effect on The Kids

Justin had had the worst trauma of his life when he was only five years old. In a double murder, his mother and one of her friends, Ron Goldman, lost their precious lives in 1994.

Despite the fact that his mother filed for a divorce from his father, O. J. Simpson, because of domestic violence, the former NFL star was charged with the double murder.

O. J. Simpson was put on trial for the heinous crime and Robert Kardashian, his friend was ready to fight a legal battle and later became his lawyer.

He was cleared of the charges soon, though. But, Justin and his sister, Sydney were also subjected to a protracted custody case between O. J. Simpson and their maternal grandparents.

The Murder of Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown, O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally murdered with several stab wounds at Brown’s condominium on June 13, 1994. 

O. J. Simpson was suspected quite initially by authorities because of couple’s past history. Brown’s relationship with O.J. had been violent and abusive, and after their divorce, O. J. began to harass Brown. 

Things did not stop, and one day she was murdered. She also filed many complaints against her ex-husband but because of their children, everything went back to normal.

As a result, the highly famous OJ Simpson case, named “The Trial of the Century,” was held. 

Justin and her sister Sydney were hidden from the media spotlight by members of the family as their dad and his “Dream Team” of defense lawyers handled the whole case.

Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro, Shawn Holley, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, and other best lawyers were among the high-profile defence attorneys recruited by O. J. Simpson.

Simpson was cleared of all counts after a tumultuous and well known criminal trial that contained both circumstantial and physical evidence linking him to the killings.

However, in 1997, he was eventually convicted accountable for both murders in a civil lawsuit.

Following the trial’s end in 1996, a judge gave Simpson’s plea for full custody of Justin Ryan Simpson and Sydney Brooke Simpson. 

Their grandparents  fought for custody of their daughter’s children until their deaths, but were unsuccessful.

Justin Ryan Simpson’s Academic Life

Justin Ryan Simpson went to Gulliver Preparatory School, which also happens to be his father’s school.

When Justin was a in high school, his father was again tried a second time for robbery, which was embarassing for Justin. On the other hand, O.J. was sentenced to jail after being proven guilty. 

He enrolled in the University of Florida after he was graduated from the high school.

However, Justin earned a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Florida State University in 2010.

Regardless of the fact that he had faced a lot in his life since childhood but now he is doing his own business and became a renowned realtor in the market.

Justin Ryan Simpson’s Professional Career

Justin always wanted to be a real estate agent even after he finished his college in 2010. He knew many things about the business that how does it work.

In 2013, he actually got serious about his professional career and started taking notes about how to achieve his goals.

He later joined a company named Muffley & Associates Real Esate, where he was serving as Real Sales Professional till 2015.

And after that, he wanted to gather more experience and joined Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Group, which is located in Florida.

From 2015 through 2018, Justin Ryan Simpson worked there. In 2018, he started his own property management firm, Bolder Property Management. 

As of now, he has been with the DHM Real Estate Group in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area since 2018 and also running his own firm side by side.

How Much Is Justin Ryan Simpson’s Net Worth?

He might make a lot of money as a realtor. Justin Ryan Simpson’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, according to The Washington Note. 

However, Justin is still registered as an agent on the DHM real estate agency’s website, indicating that he continues to work for them.

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