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Why Did Marcia Harvey & Steve Harvey Split? (Explained)

Marcia Harvey is a businesswoman and African ethnic author of the United States. She was born on 22 January 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio, the city of the United States. Presently she is living in the United States.

Marcey is well recognized and best known by her former husband, Steve Harvey, a renowned American TV host, comedian, and entertainer.

Marcia Harvey married Steve Harvey in 1980. They lived a very peaceful and happy life, but after 14 years, due to some unmet differences, they mutually decided to break the relationship. Marcia was blessed with three children by her ex-husband Steve Harvey.

She raised her child alone and brought them up. Presently, they all are settled and dedicate their massive success in life to their humble and strong mother. 

Marcey Harvey is one of those mothers who become an inspiration and example for their children.

Marcia Harvey Earlier Life

Marcia Harvey, the efficient, talented woman, belongs to an African family, and her parents are from African ethnicity. Soon Her Parents made her financially independent.

She started her first job at a department store named “Saks Fifth Avenue.”

After breaking the marriage relationship in 1994, she started her own business. 

Marcia Harvey Personality 

Marcia is recognized for her gorgeous and stunning looks. She is an adorable mother of three which she brought up by herself after separation. She molds her personality as per the requirement of the fashion industry. Marcia Harvey is a strong, bombastic, and authentic personality of the United States. Recently, she reached the age of 58, and her height is around 1.6 m.

Marcia Harvey Children 

She is a proud and strong mother of three children, and she raised her children being a single mother after separation in 1994. Marcey has two daughters and a son named Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey Broderick Harvey Jr. respectively.

How Marica Pursed Her Career?

Marcia took the initiative of a few businesses in clothing. After launching a clothing business, she pursued her career as an author and wrote three books in 2011. Moreover, she wrote the book named “Marcia eyes to soul,” which she dedicated her married life 

In 2014, she published a book named “Thoughts from My Mind.” She wrote some of the poems as well. Poems from the Heart” is one of her best poems. 

What Were The Reasons?: Broke Marcia’s Happy Relationship

Marcia spent a cherished life with her husband, Steve Harvey. But in some of the research and reports, it is mentioned that Steve wanted to pursue his career in entertainment, which Marcia did not support. It became the futile reason to collapse their marriage relationship.

Pursuing further, the court ordered to divorce Marcia and legalized Steve Harvey to pay approximately $5100 per month, which he denied. So, the court declared him guilty, and he was forced to pay $36,000 to Marcia. Finally, She brought up her children as singl- parents.

In some of the later revelations about their divorce, it was disclosed that Steve had started living with his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey. 

Marcia Harvey Net Worth 

Marcia Harvey has earned from her income source: her books selling and clothing business. She became a successful and known businesswoman after being divorced by Steve. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million to $10 million. Apart from her source of income, she primarily receives $6,630 a month from Steve Harvey.

Moreover, Her ex-husband’s net worth is estimated to be approximately more than $150 million. He is one of the richest TV personalities in the United States.

Steve Harvey Being Her Husband

Steve Harvey is the prestigious American television and radio presenter, actor, author, businessman, and ex- comedian. He is considered one of the richest celebrities in the United States.

He hosts many shows like The Family Feud, Steve Harvey Morning Show, Celebrity Family Feud, the Miss Universe competition, Family Feud Africa, and many others that fascinate his viewers and audiences.

Is It True That Marcia Secretly Married Larry Greene?

After getting separation from Steve Harvey in 1994, she ran her authentic and successful business. From one source and reports, it was mentioned that she got engaged with Larry Greene, and she kept it secret. 

She has not revealed this affair to the media by herself but the authenticity of their relationship can be observed by some of her interviews. 

Marcia Harvey And With The Children

Karli Harvey was raised by Steve, and Marcia Harvey too. They both raised Karli together, and after divorcing when she was 12 years old, they had joint custody.

Karli and Brandi got to spend a week with her mother and then a week with her father.

More importantly, Marcia’s children keep in contact with her ex-husband, Steve, and they work on many projects together. They even appear in many of his broadcasted shows on television. 

Karli Harvey and Brandi Harva have both become TV personalities. According to some resources, it was reported that Karli attended a local high school in Los Angeles, California. She started her career as a hairstyle after abruptly deciding that she did not fit the film industry. She pursued her career in the matric and didn’t enroll herself in college.

She started working shortly after matriculation. In September 2015, she married happily with her long-term boyfriend Benjamin Raymond and got settled.

Marcia Harvey With Social Media 

Marcia is more satisfied and contented in making her life private. She keeps herself away from social Media and averts from being a part of social media controversy. 

However, she could be seen in one of her daughter’s posts on Instagram, but it is once in a moon. They appreciated Marcia Harvey for being an inspirational mother to them in the post.

Pursuing further, she is an influential and eminent mother, businesswoman, and author who went through all challenges and lived independently and wisely. The fact is that she is the entire inspiration for those who are supporting their children being single-parent while pursuing their careers. 

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