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Who Is Margot Robbie Mom Sarie Kessler?

Sarie Kessler is well recognized for her great personality. She is widely known for being the mother of Margot Robbie. 

Kessler is most researched and famous because of her ambitious daughter Margot Robbie, who has earned immense support and recognition in the USA.

How did Sarie Kessler endure her childhood? What struggles did she face in her marriage, and how did she raise her children. You surely have heard about Margot Robbie, who is she? What does she belong to Sarie Kessler?

Sarie Kessler Early Life

Saire Kessler was born on June 22, 1957, in Canberra. Her native country is Australia, and Sarie was brought up in a very open and sound environment. 

However, her information regarding he studies and education is not mentioned on any of the websites. How did she live her early life and what were her struggles and life events were in her childhood are entirely unknown.

On the other hand, she has a famous daughter named Margot Robbie, who is widely known for her remarkable work and career.

In some of the reports, it is stated that she wanted to join the medical field. She pursued her childhood while studying medicine.  

There is no data about when did Sarie Kessler achieve her higher education and from where. 

Sarie Kessler Personal Life 

It is stated that Sarie loved a person named Doug Robbie. They dated each other at a young age, whereas the time period is not mentioned when the couple started dating. 

As per the data mentioned on Wikipedia, her husband Doug Robbie was a former farm-owner and a sugarcane tycoon. 

He was a famous former owner who had known the farming techniques and strategies for higher yield.

The couple married after seeking compatibility. After their marriage, they were blessed with foyer children named: Anya Lachlan, Cameron, and Margot Robbie.

However, Sarie had to bear the brunt of the rude behavior of her husband. He was an aggressive and abusive man.

It is stated that Doug Robbie left the family when her youngest daughter Margot Robbie was only ten years old.

Doug divorced Sarie Kessler and left the family and children in a financially struggling time period.

It is reported by her interviews that due to the unmet mentalities and differences, they got separated.

How Sarie Kessler Brought Up Her Children While Facing Finacial Crisis?

After the divorce Sarie, a single mother, raised her four children alone. Sarie went on to stay with her parents on a farm. Her parent had a farmhouse in the Gold Coast hinterland. In the farmhouse, the family used to live.

In order to raise her children in a good environment, she relentlessly worked hard. To gratify her children’s essentials, she made herself financially independent.

Because of her affection and struggle with their children, Sarie is unexceptionally very close to them. 

However, it is stared that Kessler was indebted in order to support her children financially, 

Presently, she is living a very peaceful life. She expresses in an interview that she is proud of her children, and she further says my youngest daughter Margot feels abused because her dad disappeared from the family picture at an early age.

Sarie Kessler Personality

A talented and enthusiastic mother has a great personality and character. She strived immensely for her children’s upbringing. Throughout her motherhood, she had been eager to fulfill her children’s needs.

Moreover, she is good looking and gorgeous lady. Sarie Carries an average weight and height, and Sarie has a weight of 76kg, and her height is 5.7 ft. A great lady is 67 years old.

Sarie Kessler Career

Sarie Kessler pursued her career as a physiotherapist. From her childhood, she wanted to pursue her medical career. Her practice of physiotherapy was done in Australia.

On the other hand, her youngest daughter, Margot Robbie, is a renowned actor and TV personality. She has earned massive support and a reputation from her fans. Margot began her TV career from Neighbours and Pan Am.  

Moreover, she earned popularity for her role in The Wolf from Wall Street and Tonya against all.

Sarie Kessler Relationship With Her Youngest Daughter Margot Robbie

Margot is a young and loving daughter of Sarie.

It is reported that In 2014, Margot surprised her mother by paying off her mortgages as her Sixtieth birthday present.

Margot celebrated her mother’s birthday. On her birthday, Sarie was proud and, at the same time, was disappointed. 

Sarie missed her husband, and the children expressed that they needed him the most.

According to some reports, it is stated that Margot and her siblings dont like his father and dont want to meet him.

They say that no doubt that “our father helped us to pay for our studies in private schools, but his absence in most of their lives became the reason for their weak connection.”

But on the other hand, Lachen has a good connection with his father. In 2015, he posted a picture with his father on social media. 

In a picture, he was standing adherent to his father on father’s day and thanked him for providing them an education.

Sarie Kessler Children

As mentioned earlier, Sarie has four children. She brought up her children solely.

She raised her children optimally and made them high achievers, being great mother. 

Presently, All of her children are doing great and settled in their careers. They are happily living their lives,

Sarie’s youngest daughter Sarie is a famous American actress.

Her son named Lachlan, is a stunt performer. He has also worked in Aquaman and Birds of Prey being a stunt performer. 

Moreover, her other child named Cameron also followed her sister’s footsteps. Cameron is a recongnized American actor. For his outstanding work, he has collected an immense reputation and wealth. 

Sarie Kessler Net Worth

Sarie is a professional physiotherapist. She is a hard-working woman who strongly faced her private life. It is estimated that she has a Net Worth of USD 2 million.

On the other hand, her daughter has a net worth of USD 25 million.

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