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Who’s Linda Knievel? Robbie Knievel’s ex spouse

Robbie Knievel and his spouse Linda had been married for 38 years. Throughout their marriage, the couple had 4 youngsters, two boys, Kelly and Robbie, and two ladies, Tracey and Alicia. All through Kelly’s and Robbie’s adolescence, the boys carried out at Knievel’s stunt exhibits. Robbie Knievel continued into maturity to carry out as knowledgeable motorbike daredevil. After Evel’s dying, Kelly has overseen the Knievel legacy, together with creating Knievel-related merchandise and helping Harley-Davidson to develop a museum exhibit.

Knievel’s courtship and marriage to Linda was the theme of the 1971 George Hamilton film, Evel Knievel. Linda and Evel separated within the early Nineteen Nineties and had been divorced in 1997.

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