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Who Is David Portnoy’s Girlfriend, Silvana Mojica?

David Portnoy’s girlfriend remained a mystery for some time, as is now expected of the American celebrity and founder of the sports blog, Barstool Sports.

Whether it was due to privacy concerns and spending some time alone from the paparazzi, or simply because they didn’t want attention due to the recently drawn sexual misconduct allegations against the blogger remains to be seen.

Silvana Mojica – The newest girlfriend

The stunning beauty sensation Silvana Mojica is reportedly the newest girlfriend of the currently in the news internet star David Portnoy. Her intense and unique style of fashion has garnered her fame and her beauty has landed her much coverage.

David Portnoy Girlfriend
David Portnoy Girlfriend Right Now

Silvana has been quite active and has been featured on many magazine front pages and covers throughout the country. 

Apart from being a beautiful young girl, she is also a graduate and has studied Marketing and is also currently employed under its umbrella. Apart from her work, she also models online and has garnered much fame and spotlight by her stunning looks and figure. 

She has a vast range of portfolios under her belt and has modeled for and advertised for various brands, as covered below in the article. Apart from this, she is now seen to be with David Portnoy, who himself is attracting much buzz nowadays, as also reported below. 

David Portnoy Girlfriend’s Career

As can be seen online and is evident, Silvana is a beautiful and talented girl. She started working at UnCommon Fashion company very early in her career, where she was a Junior Account Manager after her graduation. This tenure lasted for around five months, and soon after, in November 2018, she joined another company known as Scream as an account executive. 

David Portnoy Girlfriend’s Career
David Portnoy Girlfriend’s Career

This Orlando-based executive position lasted for around a year, and she has shifted once again to Giti Incorporation in Miami, Florida as a social media marketing assistant. 

Apart from this, Silvana is a very talented model with gorgeous looks. As she graduated, she also decided to join Strike magazine, where she worked for the said magazine and decided to become its brand ambassador. 

This landed her an opportunity to sign with an American-based modeling agency, which kick-started her modeling career. 

In the year 2021, she has worked on many projects, such as in Kasa Karly, the famous jewelry brand for which she advertised. She has also modeled for other brands as well such as I am Gia, Barstool Sports, and Giti Online. 

Early life and Biography

Known as Silvana but having Silvana Mojica as her full real name, she has been very reserved and private regarding her private life, and due to that, her personal information has been unknown. She is currently based in Miami.

Silvana Mojica is of mixed ethnicity and has subsided from revealing much information regarding her family. Only her sister’s name is known, which is Valeria Mojica. 

She was born on 08th April 1995 in Colombia, South America. She went to West Orange High School and later went on to Valencia College for her high school in the year 2014.

She has also received a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in Marketing in the year 2016. 

Apart from being a model, she is also known as an influencer, accountant, internet personality, marketing assistant, and social media star. 

Aged 26, she began modeling from early teen years, which got her attention and featured in various magazines. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches, and she weighs 56kg.

With brown eyes and hair color, she has 36-26-36 inches’ measurements which makes her figure stunning to look at.

Silvana Mojica’s Net Worth

She is swamped on her Instagram channel, where her activities undergo by the username @silvanamojica. The account also showcases her stunning modeling work, with beautiful and gorgeous photos of herself.

Her source of income may vary, such as social media and modeling work, which has landed her a net worth of $2-3 million USD, approx. 

Her relationships

Connor McKenzie

She was previously in a relationship with Connor McKenzie. This part of her life was public, where Silvana used to share many pictures with her boyfriend on her social media account. 

David Portnoy

Being David Portnoy’s girlfriend can surely get some spotlight in the media and paparazzi, and such was the case when Silvana Mojica and Dave Portnoy were seen partying together in a nightclub.

The affair soon went viral, according to Page Six, as David Portnoy and Silvana were caught on camera in Magic City’s Brickell neighborhood. 

David Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports – the pop and sports culture blog and also co-hosts his podcast. He was recently again seen in the limelight by a news report from Insider regarding aggressive and violent sexual misconduct.

He has denied both claims in several online videos posted on his social media account. 

Her relationship with David Portnoy

Around the same time, Silvana Mojica’s and David Portnoy’s photos went viral, the hot model posted on her social media account the story which included the Barstool founder, David Portnoy. Later, Portnoy has also talked about Silvana in his podcast show named The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie and Co., where he revealed he spends much of his time with Silvana. 

The clip of this show was also featured on her social media account via Instagram, where there are many photos of both of them together. Nowadays, their fans eagerly await any new information regarding them to speculate and gossip about. 

David Portnoy’s recent sexual misconduct allegations

Recently on Business Insider, a journalist unearthed two women who are accusing Dave Portnoy of sexual allegations, citing the experience as violent, aggressive, and humiliating.

Both the women to protect their identity are featured in the report by pseudonyms and allege in the report that their experiences happened inside Dave Portnoy’s home itself, in Nantucket, and in the summertime of 2020. 

The blogger and internet star has denied these allegations and has labeled the report as a “hit piece.” Last week as of the date of this writing, he has uploaded two videos to his Twitter account in which he has publicly denied sexual misconduct accusations and has, in turn, accused the outlet of reporting such news.

Police statement

Nantucket Police Spokesman Lt. Angus MacVicar later told a news channel that they had not received any phone call and they also had not spoken to anyone in this regard, as covered in the Insider article.

They further added and reinstated that the department was not investigating Portnoy, as no formal complaint had been filed.

Dave Portnoy has denied being contacted by the police, also. This has made this case further confusing.

Police report – as obtained by Insider

After the response from the Police to these sexual allegations, Insider brought to light a police report with its incident number on Twitter.

Apart from claiming that they have such a report in their possession, the report was also shared on social media by getting covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

Another claim was used in this report unearthing a researcher having spoken with the relevant department when researching for the report. 

David Portnoy’s online video response

David Portnoy posted several videos as responses to both women’s claims, acting against pieces of advice of his lawyers, and stated that he was scared because the article is implying to the world to provide and substantiate more stories through the internet.

Tell us bad stories about Dave Portnoy,” he has said in the video. He fears a lot of people hate him and that this could be utilized, and there are bound to be more people like both women. 

I guarantee this: they’ll never be able to prove anything,” He further added, “Nothing, because nothing’s ever happened.”

To me that’s pretty black and white … it’s such a strange area to be in because it’s a sensitive issue and these allegations are horrific,” Portnoy has claimed.

He concluded, “I’m scared now, woke cancel culture wants to cancel me.

Apparently, none of these allegations and reports have worked on David Portnoy’s girlfriend, Silvana Mojica.

Fun facts regarding the young model

Silvana Mojica’s first Instagram post made its way to the digital world on 24th November 2013.

Contrary to her looks, Silvana Mojica is an avid foodie and likes to travel and discover her favorite restaurants to eat food which she likes. Apart from this, she has a bad habit of consuming alcohol at parties and events, regardless of the occasion. 

Silvana also loves to travel and loves beautiful places. She likes to do this with her friends, and the thrill of discovery excites her. 

Silvana Mojica is also an animal lover and loves her side of pets. She has adopted a cute dog as a pet. The pictures of the said pet are shared on her social media account, where the pictures attract many likes and comments from friends and family alike.

On this note, she also likes to spectate horse races with her current boyfriend, David Portnoy. She has been seen attending several horse races with her partner and thoroughly enjoys doing so.

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