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Who is Conrad Hughes Hilton? Why Has He Always Been In The Limelight?

Most of the celebrities you see today have worked hard to achieve their fame. However, if you are lucky to be born into a celebrity family, you will not need to work hard to rise to stardom. 

No one understands this better than Conrad Hughes Hilton. He has been in the limelight from the first day she was born, thanks to his status as the great-grandson of Conrad Hilton. 

The Hilton family is one of the most recognized families in modern American history. This is all thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Conrad Hilton, who established the first hotel in Cisco, Texas, in 1919. 

From a humble beginning, the empire has risen through the ranks to become one of the most successful hotel chains in the world.

Conrad Hughes Hilton is the youngest child and the household’s troublemaker. He had a bad run-in with the law.

Conrad Hilton is most known for being the younger brother of social media sensation Paris Hilton. He was involved in a police car chase that resulted in the wreckage of a BMW.

Conrad Hilton Has Quite Impressive Net Worth 

The actual net worth figure of Conrad remains unknown. However, he has an impressive net worth, given that he comes from a multimillionaire family. 

He has pocketed millions of dollars as inheritance, but he is not the richest in the family. His father and mother have a more than $600 million combined net worth. On the other hand, her elder sister Paris has more than $300 million. 

He Is The Ex-Boyfriend Of Hunter Daily Salomon 

Conrad is quite secretive when disclosing details about her personal life. It is not clear if he is single or married. 

A closer look at his dating history shows that he once dated Hunter Daily Salomon. They dated for a while, but the long-term relationship did not end happily ever after. The relationship turned sour as Hunter was forced to for a restraining order against Conrad.

He Is No Stranger To Encounters With The Law 

Conrad is a troubled socialite as he has frequently clashed with the law. His woes started in 2014 when he wrecked his BMW in a high-speed car chase with the police. 

The following year, he violated a restraining order filed against his ex-girlfriend after breaking into her house. 

Hilton faced federal charges of interfering with flight crew members and had to surrender to the FBI, subsequently pleading guilty to simple assault. He was sentenced to probation and community service. 

In 2020, Conrad was sentenced to two months in prison for admitting that he used drugs in violation of his parole stemming from a 2015 arrest. 

The news that Conrad Hilton was sentenced to prison for violating his parole may have shocked some, but his famous family is hardly reeling from the news.

Of course they’re disappointed,” says a source of 22-year-old Conrad’s parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton. “But the news wasn’t a surprise for anyone. Conrad has had a drug problem for years, since he was a teen, and it’s never gotten better.”

The youngest brother of Paris, Nicky and Barron Hilton, Conrad, was sentenced to two months in prison for admitting that he used drugs in violation of his parole stemming from a 2015 arrest.

Sadly, the Hilton family is no stranger to potentially dangerous brushes with the law. Barron was arrested for a DUI in 2008, and 35-year-old Paris memorably served time in jail in 2007 for her parole violation. 

And Kathy’s sister, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards, has had a long struggle with sobriety, including a public arrest in 2015.

Given what the family has been through, they’re almost in denial,” says the insider. “The Hiltons cope by deflecting. They’re very good at ignoring problems.”

The family was focused on the new addition. In July, Nicky welcomed her first child, a girl, and Conrad was not there for his niece’s birth.

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