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Who is Charlotte Church’s aunt Caroline?

Who is Charlotte Church's aunt Caroline?

CHARLOTTE Church is a world-renowned singer – having started her career as a child.

But when she is not busy entertaining she loves spending time with her family, including her auntie Caroline.

Charlotte Church is very close to her Aunt Caroline


Charlotte Church is very close to her Aunt CarolineCredit: Rex

Who is Charlotte Church’s Aunt Caroline?

Caroline Cooper is the sister of Charlotte’s mum Maria.

On her Twitter page she lists herself as “Worker, parent, singer, artist, happy”.

She helped her niece get her first big shot at fame in 1997.

When Charlotte made her TV debut on Jonathan Ross’ Big, Big Talent Show, it was her aunt Caroline who introduced her.

The pair are still extremely close, so close in fact Charlotte used Caroline as one of her clues when she was on The Masked Singer.

During the show while dressed as Mushroom, she said: “I stole the show from my modryb” – modryb means “aunt” in Welsh.

Who are Charlotte Church’s parents?

Charlotte’s mum and dad are Maria and James Church.

The couple wed back in 1992.

Although James isn’t Charlotte’s biological father, he adopted her when she was three years old.

Tragically James was diagnosed with a rare terminal blood disorder, AL amyloidosis, in 2019.

Speaking on This Morning, Charlotte said about her step-dad’s illness: “It’s absolutely terrifying the idea of not having him around.

“I rely on him for so much, he’s my buddy, my absolute best friend and has been for years.”

Charlotte’s mum used to be her manager, but she now owns a dog grooming business.

Her biological dad Stephen Reed died in 2021 aged 56.

How did Charlotte become famous?

Charlotte shot to fame when she was just 11 years of age when she called into This Morning in 1997 to sing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s operatic classic Pie Jesu.

She achieved overnight worldwide success as a classical singer with her debut album Voice Of An Angel aged just 12.

Her next three albums Charlotte Church, Dream A Dream and Enchantment were also just as successful.

But after this she ditched classical in favour of a pop career.

Charlotte revamped herself as a pop singer in 2005 with her album Tissues And Issues, and had a hit with single Crazy Chick.

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