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Where is Jimmy Savile’s grave and what is written on it?

Where is Jimmy Savile's grave and what is written on it?

PAEDOPHILE Jimmy Savile was one of Britain’s most recognisable broadcasters, presenting Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It.

But revelations over the gruesome extent of Savile’s crimes after his death led to his gravestone being removed and calls for his body to be cremated.

Savile's grave featured the epitaph 'It was good while it lasted'


Savile’s grave featured the epitaph ‘It was good while it lasted’Credit: Ross Parry

Where is Jimmy Savile buried?

Savile’s grave is in Woodlands Cemetery in Scarborough, on the Yorkshire Coast.

He was buried in a gold coffin filled with gold jewellery and cigars which were part of his distinctive look, and a Royal Marines green beret.

He had lived in a flat in the resort town and also had properties in his hometown of Leeds and Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands.

His 6ft-wide triple plot was placed at a 45-degree-angle so he could “see the sea”.

It also faces two local schools.

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What is written on Jimmy Savile’s gravestone?

Originally, the child rapist was buried beneath a black marble headstone that featured the epitaph: “It was good while it lasted.”

It described him as a “philanthropist, TV presenter, DJ, marathon runner, cyclist, wrestler, chieftan [sic] of Lochaber Highland Games”.

But after it was revealed that he had abused hundreds of children over a period of 50 years, undertakers removed the £4,000 stone and sent it to a landfill at his family’s request.

His grave remains but is unmarked.

A campaign was started to exhume Savile’s body and have it cremated but no one was prepared to pay the £20,000 cost.

How did Jimmy Savile die?

Savile was found dead on October 29, 2011.

His body was discovered at his home in Roundhay, Leeds, days before his 85th birthday.

He died of pneumonia having previously been treated in hospital for the condition.

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A funeral was held at Leeds cathedral, with the cortege travelling through the city where he grew up.

It passed his childhood home and Leeds General Infirmary, where sexual abuse at the hands of Saville had occurred.

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