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Where Is Jasmine Richardson Now? & Why Did She Kill Her Family?

Eighteen years ago, Jasmine Richardson’s family was murdered in Medicine Hat, Canada, and the horrifying murder shocked the entire country and a nation.

Jasmine Richardson was the only person in the home who survived and was heartbroken.

Who killed her family? And Why was she the only family member to survive? Was Jasmine Richardson was the convicted person to murder her family? What is the truth behind the story? And Where is Jasmine Richardson now?

Let’s find out.

What Happened In The Case – An Overview

Jasmine Richardson was 12 years old when she planned to go through a horrific situation in her life.

Eighteen years ago, Jasmine participated with her ‘300-year-old werewolf’  boyfriend– Jeremy Steinke, in killing her family and murdered her parents and younger brother. 

The reason for killing her family was their refusal to marry her boyfriend.

At the murder, her boyfriend was a 23-year-old, and Jasmine was 12 years old.

Jasmine chose a dark path by killing her family in her blind love.

At first, the authorities believed that Jasmine had run away in fear when her family was murdered by the murderer, but soon they realized Jasmien herself was an accused person for killing her family.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act prescribed imprisonment of a maximum of ten years for Jasmine, completed in 2016.

Jasmine Richardson Killed Her Family Because Her Family Disapproved Her Marriage

A young girl, Jasmine Richardson, met Jeremy Steinke at one of the concerts. 

They were church-oriented honor students, and both had adopted a goth look gradually that included, All black attire, heavy dark makeup, mesh, and Jasmine found her goth partner in Jeremy Steinke, ‘a 300-year-old werewolf’ and ‘soul eater.’

However, when she talked about her marriage with Jeremy, her parents grabbed her computer and broke it into pieces after realizing the intensity of her relationship with Steinke. 

But her boyfriend – Jeremy, managed to send messages to her via email even after facing direct denial from Jasmine’s parents.

He told Jasmine that “I miss you more than killing people.” He said, “Can we get together and kill people together?” 

After receiving his message, Richardson appealed to her parents to return her computer.

As their parents were creating hindrance in her marriage to Jeremy, so she made up her mind to kill her parents along with her boyfriend. 

In the mail, she wrote that I have this plan. On the other hand, Steinke replied that “It begins with me killing them and ends with me living with you.

Richardson discussed her plan with her friends, but no one believed her that she could reach this limit in her love.

During the murder, her boyfriend stabbed Jasmine’s mother – Debra Richardson, twelve times, and then he stabbed her father – Marc Richardson, twenty-four times. Jasmine murdered her younger brother, Jacob, who was 8-year-old. 

When they were making a plan to kill the family, Jasmine refused to participate in the murders, but at last, she agreed to go through the inhumane act of her life.

In an interview, Jasmine said, I had no intention to kill my brother, Jacob, but I killed him only to secure him from growing up an orphan.

According to CBC News, Brent Secondiak, who handled the scenario from the initial level as an officer, told that it took him years to get over the image of Jacob’s lifeless body and hoped that after the entire murder scene Jasmine had restored truly from trauma. 

 Brent Secondiak further said “I don’t truly understand it – an act of horror and violence like that. But I hope we can just find peace and move on. My biggest fear is that she hasn’t [been rehabilitated], that she’s tricked those in the system, and that she hasn’t moved forward. I hope she’s truly taken responsibility for this and is able to move forward.” 

However, Jasmine’s boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke, was imprisoned for a life sentence after the murder.

Where Is Jasmine Richardson Now?

In 2016, she was released after fulfilling her imprisonment of ten years. 

During her ten-year imprisonment, she was taken to a psychiatric hospital, followed by community supervision.

Presently, Jasmine is living a single and private life after facing the worst scenario of her life.  

What Was Jasmine Richardson Life Like In Prison?

Jasmine had lived in a group home and studied in Calgary, a city in Canada, During the five years of imprisonment.

Regarding Jasmine’s attitude during the sentence, Justice Scott Brooker hoped that now Jasmine would not get offended.

He added, “I think your parents and brother would be proud of you. Clearly, you cannot undo the past; you can only live each day knowing you can control how you behave and what you do each day.

Moreover, Brooker added that Jasmine had carried out the entire goals of her recovery. 

On the other hand, the neighbor of Jasmine’s had very distinct opinions about her after her release. 

One woman told CBC News, “If you’re old enough to do the crime, you should do the time. 

Public’s Reaction After Jasmine Git Released 

The residents of the Medicine Hat expressed a different opinion; some were shocked, while other residents showed sympathy after Jasmine’s release.

They expressed that Jasmine deserved another shot at life, and the news was told on CBC News.

According to the News, one of her neighbors said that we need to give her a second chance because of her age.  The person added that the thing that made me horrified was how Jasmine will continue her new life path because of her horrific past. 

He further added I have sympathy for Jasmine, but you can’t imagine anybody doing something like that.

Again, Justice Scott Brooker rechecked Jasmine’s recovery under an Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision (IRCS) order. 

In 2012, justice reduced the progress reviews of Jasmine’s from two to one every year. 

However, when her report was shown to the court, it praised Jasmine’s progress and saw her positive response. In the court, they admitted that Jasmine Richardson’s remorse seemed genuine. The attorney Katherin Beyak expressed, “We are seeing she is in the community, she is starting to get her feet on the ground and build a life for herself.” 

In a nutshell, Jasmine Richardson murdered her family as a teenager due to immaturity, Although she had to face many trials everyone sympathized with her because of her innocence in killing hr family. Therefore she was imprisoned but under the complete observation of a psychiatrist to rehabilitate her from the past trauma.   

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