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What Made Her So Obsessed To Marry A Criminal?

Doreen Lioy–Richard Ramirez’s Ex-Wife, She Revealed Her Love Affair With A Serial Killer, R*pist And Kidnapper-  What Made Her Obsessed? 

Doreen Lioy is widely known as a magazine editor. After walking down an aisle to an American serial killer, Richard Rameriz, she came into the limelight.

How did she pursue her career? What made her so obsessive about getting married to a serial killer? Does her relationship survive with Rameriz? And Where is she now?

Let’s find out.

What are The Struggles And Challenges Lioy Faced In Her Childhood?

Doreen Lioy took her first breath in Burbank, California, USA. She belongs to the editorial family, and Lioy also pursued her career as an editor in the magazine.

She has an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

However, she has never mentioned her childhood struggles and hardships. She is introverted and keeps things low-key, and there is no data about her parents and siblings.

Moreover, we can not entertain her educational background as she has never disclosed it, but it is evident that Lioy acquired a complete education before following her career journey.

She only opened up about her childhood struggles as the family was enduring financial challenges at that time. To assist her father, she started working in her childhood.

How Did Doreen Lioy Pursue Her Career?

Doreen pursued her career as an editorial in the magazine and earned a massive name as a magazine editor. 

As mentioned earlier, Lioy keeps the thing low-key and avoids being a controversial part of the media stream.

Apart from her career, there is uncertainty about what other organization and field she has worked on. 

In some of the reports, It is said that she is being paid a handsome salary for her work.

What Does Doreen Lioy Look Like?

Lioy is a soft and polite person once she had fallen in love with someone and proved herself a loyal and determinant woman to be trusted.

She is strong and rigid; if she has decided to acquire, she puts her entire effort to grab it.

Doreen has a height of 5.7 ft, and her weight is 85kg. She has black hair and light brown eye color.

How Did Doreen Lioy Meet Ramirez?

When Lioy started her relationship with Ramirez, she worked as a freelancer in the magazine.

As a freelance magazine editor, she worked for Burbank, California. 

In 1985, According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Lioy used to send dozens of letters to her boyfriend, Ramirez.

She has never seen Ramirez in her life except on the news for his ongoing criminal affairs. 

Lioy got attracted to him from the TV news and began sending letters to the victims.

In 1985, Richard Ramirez was arrested and sentenced to death for his criminal act. He was accused of kidnapping, r*pping, and killing. The people of the street beat him and injured him entirely before the arrival of the police.

Why Was She Attracted To Richard Rameriz?

Doreen Lioy realized she was attracted to the man. She wasn’t afraid that he was accused of horrific crimes. 

Rameriz had cut the woman’s throat so deeply that she was nearly decapitated. Moreover, Lioy had no problem with his Satanism.

Her parents criticized and disowned her decision to marry a serial killer, but her love blinded her.

In some of Lily’s interviews, she defended him and characterized him as a good and positive person. Doreen Lioy praised him in her many interviews.

Who is Richard Ramirez?

Richard Ramirez is widely known as a serial killer, r*pist. He is recognized as the negative and nasty person of the United States.

Rameriz also used to kidnap the children, and he blackmailed many parents to charge heavily to him in order to release the children from his web.

His crime spread all over the country in every state of the USA from 1980 to 1985. In 1989, Richard was convicted and sentenced to death.

Since his childhood, Ramirez was a nasty boy, and he indulged in many immoral activities.

However, it is also considered that his father was abusive and scolded him every day, and it could be one reason which influenced his criminal behavior. 

Ramirez started developing gruesome, macabre interests at an early age.

However, he has learned many skills from his older cousin, Miguel Ramirez, who taught him some of the military skills.

A guilty Criminal died in 2013 after being accused of various murders and other immoral activities.

What is Doreen Lioy Net Worth?

It is estimated that she has a net worth of USD 500,000, which she availed from her profession as a magazine editor. In 2018, Doreen had a net worth of USD 300, 000.

It is hoped that she will definitely grow her career which will increase her wealth.

On the other hand, the estimated net worth of Lioy’s ex-husband had USD 5 million at the time of his death.

Where Is Doreen Now?

After the death of Richard Ramirez, Doreen Lioy chose to keep herself in the public eye and face camera.

However, it was also revealed in some reports that before the death of Ramirez, she had stopped going to see him after getting proof of r*pping a nine-year-old girl in  1984.

Currently, she is out of the public eye and remained in her isolation and lives a simple life without indulging in controversies.

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