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What’s Sapiosexual or Sapiosexuality?

Sapiosexuality signifies that an individual is sexually interested in very smart folks, a lot in order that they contemplate it to be an important trait in a associate. It’s a comparatively new phrase that has grow to be extra common in recent times.

Each LGBTQ+ folks and heterosexual folks could determine as sapiosexual.

Nevertheless, some individuals who determine as sapiosexual achieve this so as to declare a sexual identification that’s exterior of conventional binaries equivalent to heterosexual/gay and male/feminine. This strategy appears to be extra widespread amongst youthful folks interacting in digital areas.

There may be debate over the exact nature of sapiosexuality. Some declare it as a sexual orientation or sexuality, and sure courting apps even permit customers to determine as sapiosexual. Different folks say it’s an inappropriate bid for queerness from a group that’s not marginalized the way in which different sexual orientations are.

Others see sapiosexuality as a fetish, particularly for intelligence. Nonetheless others assume it straddles the 2 classes: orientation and fetish.

The last word that means of “sapiosexuality” relies on the intention of the particular person utilizing the phrase. It will possibly counsel something from a normal desire for good companions to a kind of pansexuality wherein intelligence trumps the whole lot and makes gender irrelevant.

How Sapiosexuality Works in Relationships

Individuals who contemplate themselves sapiosexual typically discover themselves in relationships with individuals who have an analogous fetish/orientation. These {couples} typically take pleasure in mental exercise as an integral a part of emotional bonding and even bodily foreplay.

If a sapiosexual particular person is in a relationship with a associate who doesn’t share these pursuits, it’s necessary for each folks to work collectively to ensure that everybody’s wants are met.


What’s the distinction between sapiosexuality and easily preferring thus far good folks?

Whereas many individuals need mates who’re good, sapiosexuality focuses on intelligence to a a lot stronger diploma.

Don’t most individuals discover intelligence engaging?

Sure, to a degree.

A staff of Australian researchers developed the Sapiosexual Questionnaire (SapioQ) so as to take a look at whether or not folks had been sexually interested in intelligence (which they outlined with an IQ rating) and whether or not they needed an clever particular person as a associate. They discovered that the individuals gave the impression to be sexually and romantically interested in folks with above-average intelligence, as much as an IQ of about 120.

Above an IQ of 120, each sexual and associate curiosity decreased. Very excessive IQs weren’t perceived as notably sexually engaging or as probably the most fascinating high quality in a associate.

Why has sapiosexuality been criticized as ableist or elitist?

Some folks consider that sapiosexuality devalues folks with totally different psychological skills. Those that label it as elitist or Eurocentric declare that it over-values Western schooling and IQ whereas ignoring different types of intelligence.

Defenders of sapiosexuality declare that it’s based mostly on relationship compatibility somewhat than a judgment of absolute value.

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