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What is Sago Dana, Sabudana – Health Benefits Guide

Sago Dana, Sabudana

Sago (ساگودانہ), which is also known as Sagu Dana and Cycas Revoluta, is a starchy substance common to Pakistani cuisine. It is extracted from the stems of sago palm trees, then processed into small, circular pellets, which are sometimes referred to as pearls. These pearls are commonly used as energy-boosting ingredients in soups, puddings, smoothies, side dishes and main courses. Sago is not a low-calorie food, nor is it a good source of protein and fiber.

Sago Dana, Sabudana, Health Benefits For Skin and Stomach

Health benefits of Sago:

  1. Sago is high in carbohydrate content. Carbs fall into the category of macronutrients, which the body needs in copious amounts for energy and brain function.
  2. Protein is another macronutrient, but it has a slightly different purpose in the body. It is used for the preservation of all connective tissue, aids with wound healing and helps boost immunity.
  3. Fat is the last of the three macronutrients. Although fat is much maligned for its detrimental effects on the body, it’s mainly saturated fat that you need to worry about. A high intake is known to promote high cholesterol and heart disease. Sago contains a very low amount of total and saturated fat.
  4. Sago is high in calories. One gram of carbs has 4 calories, which is a big contributor to the overall amount.
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