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What does Packing imply on TikTok? Slang explored with examples

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Packing has lots of that means however what does it imply on the TikTok platform? The that means has nothing to do with folding garments.

The hashtag of #packing has greater than 785 million views as a result of the phrase is used fairly generally on all social media platforms not simply TikTok. Infact, it was a phrase earlier than social media as effectively. Lets perceive what the phrase means.

City Dictionary definition

This dictionary has two definitions for us –

Packin -A phrase used to explain that whats in a person’s pants is relatively massive
Instance – *tik tok feedback*
“Everyone knows he’s packin”

Packing – strolling round with an enormous dick
Instance – “youre packing dude”

What does Packing imply on TikTok?

Wikipedia says that Packing means sporting padding or a phallic object within the entrance of the pants or underwear to present the looks of getting a penis or bulge. Packing is often practiced by trans males. Individuals who cross-dress as male may “pack”.

However TikTokers use Packing after they wish to say that what the person has in his pants is relatively big.

Don’t use this phrase with cops or authorities as a result of in that group, when you say that you’re packing, it means that you’ve a gun or a weapon with you. So watch out the place you employ this slang. Context issues!

One other phrase that you need to be taught associated to that is to “Ship somebody packing” which has nothing to do with the male genitalia. If you happen to say that you simply despatched a man packing, it implies that you had an argument or a struggle and also you defeated them and made them depart.


TikTok just isn’t recognized for lengthy sentences or lengthy movies. Customers say lots with a couple of alphabets or phrases. That’s the reason why it has so many slangs.

Take a look at how folks use this phrase within the examples beneath –


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