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What Does a Fertile Cervix Look and Really feel Like?

Your cervix seems and feels completely different when it is within the fertile stage of your menstrual cycle. You should utilize this info to detect ovulation. It is simpler than chances are you’ll assume. When your cervix is excessive, mushy and open, you’re getting nearer to ovulation. Your cervical mucus may even change and rework right into a extra uncooked egg white consistency. 

However what does it imply to have a excessive, mushy, or open cervix? What does a cervix appear like or really feel like? Listed below are some insights and suggestions that may assist.

Cervical Anatomy

The cervix is a cylinder-shaped neck of tissue about 3 to five centimeters lengthy. It’s situated on the reverse finish of the vaginal opening. In case your vagina is a hallway, the cervix is the locked door on the finish. The cervix serves as a pathway from the vagina to your uterus. 

The smoothness and moistness of the cervix could be just like the tissues lining your cheek. When it comes to consistency, if gently pressed, it might really feel as agency because the tip of your nostril or as mushy as your lips.

Each the size and place of the cervix change all through your menstrual cycle, all through being pregnant, and even throughout sexual activity. Throughout childbirth, the cervix considerably shortens (“thins”) in a course of that’s known as effacement. 

Should you think about that your cervix is a small rubber ball about 3 centimeters, or 1 inch, in diameter. Within the middle of the cervix is the small indentation (the exterior os). The exterior os can fluctuate from one lady to the subsequent. It could be spherical or formed like a horizontal dimple. It could have a slight opening or be tightly shut. The opening itself might really feel easy or have a extra jagged-edged really feel.

Should you really feel round along with your fingertips, the exterior portion of the cervix, referred to as the ectocervix, bulges out into the highest of the vagina. The “dimple” on the middle is named the exterior os.

Cervical Adjustments Throughout Ovulation

Your cervix won’t at all times really feel the identical or be in the identical place. Typically it is going to be low and simple to achieve. At different occasions, it might be so excessive that your fingertips can not attain it.

As ovulation approaches, your cervix will usually change positions, transferring greater up into the physique. It does so as a result of your reproductive system is transitioning into positions that are perfect for intercourse and conception. In contrast, when ovulation has occurred and your fertile time has handed, the cervix will drop decrease and be simpler to achieve.

The feel and consistency of the cervix may even change. If you’re particularly fertile, the cervix will develop into softer and returns to its regular consistency as soon as the fertile interval has handed. The cervix may even develop into far moister across the time ovulation. That is from the secretion of cervical fluids, which creates the perfect setting for intercourse and semen.

Not solely will the feel and place of the cervix change, however so will the opening. When you’re ovulating, the exterior os will really feel extra open. This merely permits for the better passage of semen into the uterus. 

Sexual arousal may even affect the cervical place, regardless of the place you’re in your cycle.

Cervical Mucus

Should you may see your cervix, you’ll discover the buildup of mucus close to the opening. Cervical mucus is a particularly essential a part of your reproductive system. If you’re ovulating, cervical mucus comprises nourishment for sperm, maintains a more healthy pH steadiness for his or her survival, and gives them a neater passage into the uterus. 

If you’re not ovulating, the cervical fluids will thicker and stickier. That is thought of protecting, in the identical means that nasal mucus protects the respiratory tract from overseas organisms. Monitoring adjustments in your cervical mucus throughout your cycle might help you pinpoint your most fertile days when attempting to get pregnant.

It’s also essential to notice that cervical secretions additionally preserve the vagina clear. As such, it’s wholly pointless to make use of cleaning soap and water to scrub the vagina. This may occasionally, in truth, trigger hurt.

Douching strips away pure vaginal secretions, rising the danger of irritation or an infection whereas eradicating cervical fluids meant to advertise fertilization and conception.

Inspecting Your Cervix

If you wish to have an up-close have a look at your cervix, it’s attainable to take action utilizing a speculum, a flashlight, and a mirror or smartphone. You should purchase an affordable speculum on-line at Amazon or many intercourse toy outlets. There are additionally self-exam kits you should buy on-line.

Each speculum works barely completely different, so make sure you learn the directions rigorously or communicate along with your gynecologist. There are three issues you need to remember:

  • Apply opening, locking, and unlocking the speculum a number of occasions earlier than attempting to insert it inside your self.
  • Use lubricant. Place the lubricant in your vulva, and keep away from thick oil-based lubricants like KY Jelly. A water-based lubricant works finest.
  • Wash the speculum earlier than and between makes use of with mild cleaning soap and heat water.

You’ll be able to carry out the self-exam on your self however a have a associate help you. It’s okay to be curious, be mild and affected person. Don’t rush or transcend what feels snug.

A cervical self-exam ought to by no means be thought of a substitute for a routinely schedule pelvic examination along with your OB/GYN.

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By Rachel Gurevich, RN

Rachel Gurevich is a fertility advocate, writer, and recipient of The Hope Award for Achievement, from Resolve: The Nationwide Infertility Affiliation. She is knowledgeable member of the Affiliation of Well being Care Journalists and has been writing about girls’s well being since 2001. Rachel makes use of her personal experiences with infertility to put in writing compassionate, sensible, and supportive articles.

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