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What Causes Nikko Jenkins to Become A Spree Killer?

More than 3000 death row prisoners and spree killers are there in America. Among them, Nikko Jenkins is the one after killing rampage and murdering four people.

His case presents many peculiarities because he comes from a family of felons. Several said family members helped him perpetrate the crime, many of whom are still in jail.

According to the Nebraska Department of Correction Services. Since his belief, there has been an ongoing debate among mental health professionals who have assessed Jenkins, whether he is mentally ill or not, per the Death Penalty Information Center. 

Jenkins’ story is unconventional, primarily because of how early he started his journey in crime and the motive that he claims for them.

The convicted murderer claims that he killed four people—three men and one woman—to sacrifice the Egyptian snake god Apophis or Apep. 

However, the weirdest thing about this story is that a woman named Dawn Arguello claims to have found ‘true love’ with the killer.

Let’s find out the factors that cause him to become a spree killer.

Nikko Jenkins Belongs to a Criminal Family

Nikko Jenkins comes from a disturbed family that has spent generations committing violent crimes. The irony is that the Jenkins descended from the Levering family, who are known for their good reputation in Omaha, Nebraska.

Lori Jenkins

Lori Jenkins is Nikko Jenkins’s mother. The 51-year-old was found guilty of concealing evidence and providing false information about the purchase of ammunition. 

She was found not guilty of providing gasoline to her son and his uncle Warren Levering to get rid of the evidence.

The court ruled that she did not know what the gasoline was to be used for. Nonetheless, she was sentenced to 5 to 6 years in jail. Before that, she was already serving ten years for being a felon in possession of ammunition.

Erica Jenkins

Erica Jenkins is Nikko Jenkin’s sister and was also involved in his murders. She was one of the two women who lured Jenkins’s first two victims to their deaths.

She also helped Jenkins kill his third victim, Curtis Bradford, and assisted with Kruger’s death. She was found guilty of Bradford’s death and was sentenced to life in prison.

She is also serving a 10-year sentence for robberies associated with the killing and 20 to 30 years for beating up fellow inmate Christine Bordeaux, her cousin. Bordeaux testified against Erica and Nikko during their trial.

David A. Magee Sr.

David A. Magee Sr. is the patriarch of the Jenkins family. Although he never married Lori Jenkins, he is the father of her six children.

He was also involved in a series of violent crimes, and at the time of his death in 2009, he was a felon convicted for several crimes.

Warren Levering

Warren Levering is Nikko Jenkins’ uncle, and he helped him with the robbery and murder of Andrea Kruger. He pleaded guilty to charges of attempted theft and accessory charges in the death of Kruger.

While he did not kill Kruger, he was hit with first-degree murder charges and sentenced to 40 years. His sentence was eventually cut in half, and he was released in 2020 after completing his sentence.

Lori Sayles

Lori Sayles is Erica Jenkins’s younger sister, who was also an accessory to Jenkins killings. She was charged with Bradford’s murder and was accused of hiding the murder weapon.

Melonie Jenkins

Melonie Jenkins is also Nikko Jenkins’s sister, who has also been convicted for several offenses. She testified against Erica during her murder trial but is not currently incarcerated. At the time of her arrest, she had three children under seven.

Nikko Jenkins Says An Egyptian Serpent God Gives Him Orders

According to Mythology, one of the voices Nikko Jenkins claims has stuck with him is that of the Egyptian serpent god, Apophis — a god representing evil, chaos, darkness, and destruction. He sliced through his pe**s and his tongue to make them look more serpent-like to pay reverence to Apophis. He then smeared blood all over his cell. 

According to Jenkin’s now ex-wife, Chalonda Jenkins, Apophis gives him orders, and he’s heard from the Egyptian snake god since childhood, “it was just this voice that said, ‘if you do what I tell you to do, if you follow my demands, then I’ll make sure you’re safe and make sure you’re okay.” 

Nikko Jenkins Has Been Diagnosed With Multiple Mental Disorders

Lengthy court records document various psychiatrists’ and psychologists’ findings of Nikko Jenkins after assessing his mental health, which has gone on for decades. In 2009, one doctor diagnosed Jenkins with “psychosis not otherwise specified” and bipolar disorder.

Another decided on an “Axis I” diagnosis of schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Bruce D. Gutnik assessed Jenkins many times over the years, as far back as 2011, and diagnosed him with “Schizophrenia, Continuous, Severe.

When Gutnik next saw Jenkins in November 2013, he stood by his original diagnoses, saying now that Jenkins had “schizophrenia versus schizoaffective disorder, depressed type, and rule out personality disorder otherwise not specified.” 

Gutnik saw Jenkins again in May 2014, then again in April and December 2015, and in June 2016. The doctor maintained that the convict was psychotic.

According to court records, Gutnik said proof of that psychosis was that Jenkins had performed multiple mutilations on his own pe**s and said a person would “have to be fairly out of touch and psychotic to be able to not react to that level of pain.”

But Jenkins is no stranger to self-harm. According to NBC 6, one attorney told them Jenkins’ suicide attempts in prison must be in the double digits. In March 2019, he slashed at his eye and neck with a sharpened tile pulled off the wall. Another time he tried to cut his own throat.

Nikko Jenkins Now

Nikko Jenkins is currently in prison, awaiting the date of his execution, which hasn’t been set. He is still one of the prisoners on death row in Nebraska, but a death date has not been set for him yet.

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