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What are the giant inflatable balls called?

human hamster ball

A giant inflatable ball for zorbing and water walking. A human sphere is a giant inflatable ball large enough for a person to fit inside. The transparent inflatable is made of TPU. They are heat sealed, airtight and very stable. Once inside, you can walk or run to roll the ball forward. Think of it like a fat hamster with a hamster inside. Right now it might not sound very exciting, but interfering with the different locations and glitches makes it more competitive.

The human hamster, also known as the Zorb ball, is a large ball that is used to roll grass and soil. This fun special ball pick is very popular among kids and adults for fun and playing.

The main idea of ​​the human hamster ball is to give the human experience something like inflating and rolling on a hamster like a plastic sphere. When the weather is good, people can step inside and participate in activities such as racing with friends or racing between friends and foes.

And if you are alone, you can overcome the joy of your heart!

Enjoyment and safe:

But before you get into the huge pack of human hamsters and stop, there are a few important precautions you should know.

How to run:

There are three ways to play football. One is to hold the person on the ball and roll the ball. Pour a few buckets of water into the wrapper and roll with the water in the wrapper. The third is that when the ball rolls, the person stands in the ball and moves with the ball.

You have to be fast and “ball”, especially if you want to make water flow. Otherwise, it will be difficult to balance.

The outer diameter of the human hamster ball is about three meters, and the inner diameter is about 1.3 meters. The generally recognized height of a human hamster ball is between one meter and two meters, and children’s are generally less than one meter.

Risk of injury:
There is no bandage inside or outside the ball, which increases the risk of injury, such as bone, if the person inside hits a hard one.

People who already have breathing, lung/heart problems or other pre-existing conditions should avoid this condition. Be sure to follow safety guidelines such as special barriers to keep the ball in one direction and stop which can slow the ball down if it is too strong.

Many hamsters refuse to enter human hamster shells at first, so it’s best to let them inspect the spheres themselves before locking them inside.

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