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Watches: A Style Guide For Women

watches for women

Women love to style up their looks, fashion, and accessories daily. Dressing up is a great way to express who they are from all shapes and sizes. In this case, a watch is the perfect accessory to finish the look. Many watches are available, from mechanical to automatic, each with its own perk.

Styling up for a watch will depend on the preferences and design. Not only are there many models available, but getting the right one will take time. In addition, you can mix up the watch’s design to your liking. Our style guide can help you in giving the ideal timepiece.

Designer Watch And Classic Watch

Watches come from many manufacturers, and they produce well-known timepieces. For example, Seiko offers many classic watches in its catalog. On the other hand, designer watches are a good alternative if the design is what you want. The branding may make the timepiece more expensive, but as long as the woman loves it, that is more than enough.

It is up to the woman in mind if she would like to receive a watch. The watch will be the one she will wear as part of her overall look.

Wrist Sizes

Women’s wrists range around five to seven inches in circumference. As for the watch itself, it is around 22mm to 34mm, with varying designs by the watchmaker. The biggest size a woman can handle is 34mm, which can go higher if she desires to. Sometimes, it determines whether the watch will be for daily use or special occasions. Therefore, the watch size matters.

Watch Movement

The popular types of watch movement include quartz and mechanical. The mechanical movement has the intricacies of the watch by the watchmaker. However, these movements must have regular winding to make them work. Quartz watches require less maintenance and are more practical to use. In addition, quartz watches are more affordable.

A watch movement can make or break the bank. For women, they prefer mechanical watches due to the craftsmanship involved. And a woman can choose a quartz watch if she loves the delicate details.

Colors To Choose From

Women are quite particular when it comes to color. If the watch color does not match her outfit, she will not wear it.

The color is the most important aspect of the watch. For example, a black watch shows her elegant side. Watches with neutral colors like silver or beige showcase her many characteristics. Sometimes, the skin complexion can also play a role in the watch. Try to pair a watch with various colors to see which fits. You can mix and match colors until you find the best combination.


Accessories are optional in most watches. However, it can bring out the best in her. Jewelry and metals that shimmer can complement her looks. You can choose between gold, silver, or stainless steel for the best accessories. In addition, some jewelry is part of the watch, making it easier than more customization.

Wrapping Up

Women’s watches show how intricate and complex they are for their look. It can change depending on the size, movement, color, and accessories. The designer or classic watch will differ if she wanted one over the other. The important thing is you provide a timepiece that best shows who she is. It will be the best accessory for her on any given occasion.

Author’s Bio:

Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.

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