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Vagina Diagram & Anatomy: All the things You Want To Know

What precisely IS a vagina? Nicely, it is the muscular tube that extends from the cervix to the vulva. It is a surprisingly widespread query for such a easy definition, however that fast sentence may not reply all of your questions. Fortunately, previous vagina diagram can positive assist out. You would possibly suppose you’ve got acquired all of it down pat down there, however we use loads of code phrases to speak about it, and we use the technical phrase itself within the unsuitable approach — in any case, it isn’t completely correct to name the prolonged community between your legs simply the “vagina.” There’s a complete phrase down there, and the vagina is only one a part of it. Since data is energy, it is tremendous essential to know the anatomy of your vagina. To get to the guts of the matter, we chatted with Melanie Davis, PhD, a licensed sexuality educator and sexuality training guide, who gave us a digital tour of the vagina and past.

To start with, Davis recommends utilizing a mirror and a light-weight and taking look between your legs. (Or you may even use the selfie setting in your telephone’s digicam.) Not solely ought to you recognize what your physique seems to be like, as a result of, nicely, it is yours, however it can additionally assist maintain you secure. In the event you ever discover something totally different down there (i.e., redness, bumps, and so on.), you already know what your wholesome baseline seems to be like and may let a health care provider find out about any modifications.

This is all the pieces you’ll want to find out about your anatomy from the skin in, together with some details that we assure will shock you, and a vagina diagram.

Illustration by Lucy Han


When individuals seek advice from the “vagina,” what they often imply is the vulva, which incorporates all of the exterior components, together with the interior and outer lips.

Labia Majora/Outer Lips:

These are the primary belongings you see, and hair grows on them naturally. In line with Davis, the labia majora’s job is to guard the extra delicate components inside.

Labia Minora/Inside Lips:

The labia minora present the second layer of safety for the underlying buildings and openings, they usually even have oil glands that secrete lubrication to maintain you snug. Davis additionally says they’re the a part of the anatomy more than likely to trigger girls stress as a consequence of how they appear. Simply know that the lips may not be symmetrical, they may prolong past the labia majora, and the sides may not be completely clean — and all of that is completely regular. “The wholesome factor is to know that our labia are as distinctive as our fingerprints. Everyone is totally different,” Davis explains. “There isn’t any proper or unsuitable about it.”

Clitoris and Clitoral Hood:

In line with Davis, the tiny little bit of the clitoris that’s outwardly seen, which is the little nub you see on the high of your exterior space if you unfold the labia, comprises 8,000 nerve endings. Which means it is actually delicate, and for a lot of girls, stimulating it’s one of the simplest ways to orgasm. The hood, a flap of pores and skin that slides forwards and backwards, features to guard the clitoris and forestall irritation and arousal when you do not need it. If you find yourself aroused, nonetheless, the hood slips again to reveal the clitoris. The outer clitoris that you could see and really feel is definitely linked to an interior clitoris (!!), however extra on that shortly.


This small opening, which is the place urine comes out, is true beneath the clitoris. It is arduous to see, and you’ll’t actually really feel something there. And, no, pee does not come out of the vaginal opening! Davis says that many younger girls suppose the clitoris is definitely the urethra, however do not be fooled.


Proper beneath the urethra lies the introitus, additionally referred to as the vestibule or the opening to the vagina. Consider it as a lobby. “After we go into an workplace constructing, we go into that little space the place there are two units of doorways,” she says. Principally, the vestibule is the foyer resulting in the vagina, which is inside your physique. We must also say right here that there are numerous colour variations in the entire exterior vulva space, relying in your pores and skin tone and whether or not or not you are sexually excited.

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