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Top 8 French companies selling their products in Pakistan

Muslims all around the world have started a boycott of products of France after sketches of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) were published and publically displayed in France. French President Emmanuel Macron also attacked Muslims by associating terrorism with Islam.

Here is a list of French companies selling their products in Pakistan. This list can be helpful if you want to boycott french companies

1. Total PARCO

Total Parco is one of the most prominent French Petroleum companies operating in Pakistan. This company sells petroleum products like Petrol, diesel and other Lubricants like Engine oils etc. Total PARCO also sells car care products like dashboard cleaner and seat cover washer.

2. L’Oreal

Loreal is one of the biggest cosmetics company selling products in Pakistan. This company makes and sells beauty product like makeup, cosmetics and hair care products.

3. Garnier (cosmetics)

Garnier is a daughter company of L’Oreal. Haircare, hair styling, hair colour and skincare products of Garnier are used in Pakistan. You can stop buying these products to put your share in the boycott movement of french products.

4. Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a french video game company with its headquarters in Montreuil, France. Many games of Ubisoft are played in Pakistan. These games are:

-Prince of Persia
-Watchdog: legion
-Roller Champions

5. Activa (Groupe Danone)

Activia yoghurt is a product of Groupe Danone which is based in Pakistan. Activia yoghurt is used in Pakistan for treating digestive problems. It is sometimes used for weight loss also.

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6. Gameloft

If you are a gamer, you might have heard the name of this company. Gameloft is a Paris based Video games publisher. Its famous games are:

-Asphalt series
-GT racing
– Harry potters and Deathly Hallows
-Ice age adventures

7. Ipsen

Ipsen is a pharmaceutical company which is famous in Pakistan for its drugs for Gastrointestinal tract and other diseases

8. LU biscuits

According to the Wikipedia Page of LU biscuits and their website, LU is founded in France, but they are now part of an American company, and now they don’t have any links with France. Also, they condemned the blasphemous incident of France. So we are unable to say much.

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