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Top 10 Best Restaurants For Hi – Tea Buffet In Lahore Pakistan 2022

In Lahore, hi-tea has always been a common dining option for people of all ages. In light of this, many restaurants in the city now sell a variety of well-distributed dishes that they know attract customers. So whether you’re accused of planning a hi-tea or brunch for a party, or you’re just active and arranging for everyone for who you are, we’ve put together a list of the hottest ones. Best high hi tea in Lahore 2022 rates outdoor buffet platters cheapest Hi tea restaurants in Lahore, complete with price.

Here is the List of Top 10 Best Restaurants For Hi-Tea In Lahore Pakistan:

#Hi-Tea Places in LahoreTimings Price Per PersonContact
1Freddy’s Café4 pm to 6 pmPKR 1260 per head042-35754416
2English Tea House4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1500 per head042-35715535
3Spice Bazaar4 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 1295 + Tax per head0311-1122103
4Tree Lounge4 pm to 7 pmPKR 699 + Tax per head0342-8888733
5Chaayé Khana4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1185 + Tax for two042-35778284
6Bagh4 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 950 + Tax per head0320-9992244
7Daar Cheeni4 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 845 + Tax per head0308-7777000
8The Urban Cafe Yoglicous3 pm to 6 pmPKR 999 + Tax for two042-35872216
9Tenerife Café4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1395 + Tax for two0333-4426961
10X2 Cafe4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1390 + Tax per head0301-8506003
Top 10 Best Restaurants For Hi-Tea In Lahore Pakistan


These Restaurants are add after took the reviews of Customers. We are trying to keep the article updated on the latest closing and opening of restaurants with their prices and Hi-Tea timing.

Let us know in the comments section below how useful this blog is to you and which of the above areas you would like to visit today. if you want to add Your Restaurant in this list then also let us know.

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