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Things to Know About Andie MacDowell’s Ex-Husband

A former model and recognized ex-husband of Andie MacDowell, Paul Qualley has gained considerable recognition in the world. 

Andie MacDowell has worked in various films such as Bad Girls, Videotape, and Multiplicity. 

About Paul Qualley

Paul Qualley is a former model and belongs to the entertainment industry. 

The American-Norwegian model is best known for his marriage with Andie MacDowell and is not mainly recognized by his own line of career paths.  

His relationship with the famed actress is what brought him to the map.

Paul Qualley has been able to live well and has not had any major problems even after his relationship. 

The famous actress Andie MacDowell is known for her major roles and performances in the film industry, and many people would have believed that reputation maybe could hamper his lifestyle.

Early Life

Paul James Qualley was born in 1958 in America. That makes him 63 to 64 years old to date of this writing, and an American citizen with Norwegian ethnicity. 

Known better as Paul Qualley, he is the son of Lee James Qualley and Patricia Ann Rondou. 

Paul Qualley has kept the majority of his personal information about early life personal. No one in the general public really knows much about his siblings, his education, or his childhood life. 

We know for certain that he was attracted to the modeling and entertainment industry such as fashion from a very young age.

Early Education

When we talk about his education, Paul Qualley has not revealed such information to the general public. It can be safely assumed that he has graduated from America. 

But whether or not he has received education in his relevant industry is unknown.

Initiation of a Career as a Model

Paul started and stepped into his career life from a young age as a model. He had the looks and body to support this line and he became an attractive model with screen-favoring features. 

He also received support from his family and friends to pursue this career path and made a notable name in the business.

He has appeared in several runways and walks on various fashion shows. Also, he has acted in different advertisements and commercials. But it was transitioned by his interest in becoming a businessman. 

Transition to Being a Businessman

‘Paul Qualley Ranch’ opened in Montana and Paul is managing the ranch.

After several years of modeling work, he discovered his newfound interest in the ranch management side of things and soon opened up his own ranch. 

Even after his divorce, things look to be in good shape as there is no news of any negative nature in this regard.

Andie MacDowell’s Career in a Few Lines

Andie MacDowell – the ex-wife of Paul Qualley – also started off as a model before being recognized for her roles in the film industry. 

Her impressive portfolio includes Groundhog Day, Magic Mike XXL, Greystoke, and Lord of the Apes along with many more. 

Her notable roles also include Bad Girls, Videotape, and Multiplicity. She has earned impressive recognition for her roles and fame.

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell

Since repeated for a few times now, Paul Qualley has gained attention throughout his career when he became involved with the actress Andie MacDowell. 

She is a star of various movies which have garnered good fame and fortune. 

They both met when they were performing model duties. They soon met and then started to date which resulted in them getting married. 

They married each other in the year 1986 and this marriage carried on till the year 1999. 

They both have three children with each other: Justin Qualley, Rainey Qualley, and Sarah Margaret Qualley. There were born in 1986, 1990, and 1994 respectively. 

They both initiated their careers in front of the screen when they both participated in Le Bal des Debutantes – a Paris show. 

Paul and Andie’s Children

They both had three children together, 2 daughters and 1 son.

Sarah Margaret Qualley

Sarah Qualley has been trained in American Ballet Theater at the North Carolina School of Arts, where she pursued an apprenticeship. 

She had her passion stuck to dancing before she ventured into the world of acting. 

She then has earned an Emmy nomination for Fosse/Verdon when she performed in her breakout role in The Leftovers on HBO. 

She has also worked in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Brad Pitt. She then transitioned later in her career to Netflix where she has performed in Death Note and IO. 

She has also worked in fashion for brands like Palo Alto, Ralph Lauren and Chanel. 

Rainey Qualley

She is known by her recording name Rainsford. Rainey Qualley is a recording artist and was interested in “bluesy country” tracks but has since been seen venturing into the world of pop. 

She has acted in Ocean’s 8, Ultrasound, Mighty Fine, etc., and has also been Miss Golden Globe in 2012. 

Justin Qualley

The eldest of children of Paul Qualley is Justin, born on the 14th of August, 1986. Preferring privacy, the most versus his sisters, the eldest son was born the same year his parents got married.

He has ventured into the real estate business in Missoula, Montana, and has veered off the entertainment industry like his parents and siblings. 

Not much is known regarding him due to his straying away from the limelight.

Paul Qualley’s Net Worth

Paul’s net worth is estimated to be more than $100,000. Since he was both a model and an actress’ ex-husband, his pay and savings could be notable but since then he has strayed from both paths and is now living a private life.

Due to these factors, we can only have an educated guess.

His ex-wife is estimated to be around $15 million with her career work in modeling and acting. 

A private and under the radar life

Paul Qualley has been living under the radar and not much is known whether he found love again or married again. 

His ex-wife tried to do so twice with other men but failed to find anything that would last. 

Their marriage is also understood to be set apart by ‘irreconcilable differences at the time.

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