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The Woman behind the Tycoon Richard Branson

The wife of business tycoon Richard Branson, Joan Templeman is often referred to as the “Lady Branson” with an estimated net worth of $12 million.

In this article, We will share insightful information about her life, journey, relationship and current net worth.

Early life of a Model from Glasgow, Joan Templeman

Joan Templeman was born and nurtured in Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow in 1948. Growing up with her six siblings, her father was a wealthy ship carpenter. As a child, Joan was bold and extroverted, she loved to socialize and hang out with people.

Having a rich father that earns a lot of money, Joan was there all along for him financially. She used to do multiple jobs and gained experience in a variety of fields, including nude modelling. While maintaining her tough working life, she used to party all along.

In 1966, Joan became a fan of the rock band “Nazareth” where she met Ronnie Leahy in Glasgow. They became childhood sweethearts and then decided to get married for 12 years after several years of dating. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced the moment Sir Richard Branson entered into their love life.

Joan’s Relationship with Her Childhood Sweetheart

Joan Templeman is a Scottish lady who rose to prominence after marrying Richard Branson. Earlier in her career, she had a variety of occupations for money, especially nude modelling to boost her income. Joan then met Ronnie Leahy, who was a heavy metal band’s keyboardist from Scotland. She grew up with him as he was a ‘Nazareth’ group musician. Ronnie Leahy was kind of popular among people in United Kingdom. Both of them eventually got married for almost 12 years.

After few years of her marriage, the couple moved to London, where Richard Branson, a businessman, encountered Joan and fell head over heels in love with her. As it was love at first sight, Branson had tried everything he could to win her over, but he couldn’t persuade her to change her mind.

To convince Joan to accept his love proposal, Branson tried to win her heart with his confidence, in which he pretty much got succeeded. When Ronnie found out about her wife’s affair with his mate Richard Branson, he was heartbroken.

Shortly after Joan and Ronnie divorce, Joan Templeman and Richard Branson officially started dating Richard Branson and moved back to England, where they began living on Branson’s houseboat in London’s Little Venice. Later, they got married in 1989 at their private 74-acre Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, after a long time of courtship.

The Owner of the Virgin Group “Sir Richard Branson”

Born in 1950, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson got his start in the music industry, founding Virgin Records in 1972. During the 1980s, Branson’s Virgin brand evolved significantly as he founded Virgin Atlantic airline and fully established the Virgin Records music label. The highly-respected entrepreneur launched Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company in 2004.

The owner of the Necker Island in British Virgin Islands was previously married to a singer Kristen Tomassi in 1972; however, the relationship got failed in 1979. Soon after his separation, Branson met Joan where he fell deeply in love with Joan Templeman.

Recently, in July, the SpaceShipTwo vehicle was forced to return to the ground as the trip strayed from its pre-planned route. The company will not be able to fly its SpaceShipTwo until the US Federal Aviation Administration completes its inquiry into a mishap report for public safety.

Her Experience of Having Children with Richard Branson

In the early stage of dating Branson, Joan quickly realized that he was less excited about the idea of being a parent. It threatened to break them apart when she found out she was expecting. Joan abandoned their houseboat after Branson gathered the strength to admit to her that he was not sure about having kids at the peak of his career, so Joan chose to carry the kid on her own.

Later when she was six months expected, she found out she had appendicitis. She got recovered with an operation, but a few days later she had a tiny premature baby that immediately got expired after being delivered.

This incident brought the duo close together once again and later in 1982 she delivered their beautiful eldest daughter Holly Branson and Sam, their second child was born in 1985. Since then, Branson and Joan have been happily married for more than 30 years.

Joan’s daughter Holly Templeman, is currently the CEO of Virgin Unite, where she manages the company’s philanthropic efforts, whereas her son Sam Templeman is an entrepreneur who is a meditation and yoga instructor. Joan has now four grand-children.

Estimated Net Worth of Joan Templeman

With an estimated net worth of $12 million, the love of two has set a couple of goals for netizens. Richard Branson always tries to mention his wife in all of his biographies, books and interviews.  According to Branson, Joan Templeman is the most understanding woman on earth. On the other hand, Branson attributes a large part of his success to Templeman.

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