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The Execs and Cons of an Early Being pregnant Check

When you’ve got been deliberately making an attempt to conceive, you might be probably conscious of the number of early being pregnant assessments at the moment out there. These assessments can generally detect being pregnant a number of days earlier than your interval is due.

Nevertheless, simply since you can use an early being pregnant check, does that imply you ought to? It is value contemplating a number of factors earlier than you proceed.

Varieties of Being pregnant Checks

There are two varieties of being pregnant assessments you may take: urine or blood assessments. Over-the-counter house being pregnant assessments are urine assessments, and physician’s workplaces steadily use this technique as effectively. Early being pregnant assessments are a extra delicate sort of urine check. These assessments can probably detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)—the early being pregnant hormone—earlier than your missed interval and offer you an correct optimistic outcome.

Blood assessments are carried out in a physician’s workplace, normally when you’ve gotten a motive for testing sooner than regular. Blood assessments detect hCG and/or the precise quantity of it that’s current in an effort to search for sure problems, resembling an ectopic being pregnant.

Whereas it is true which you can normally take a blood check earlier than a urine check, understand that it normally takes longer to get blood check outcomes.

Execs and Cons of Early Being pregnant Testing


  • Quickest option to check for being pregnant at house

  • Useful if that you must begin or cease medicines

  • Helpful in case of contraception failure

  • Means that you can start prenatal way of life modifications


  • Testing too early may end up in a false unfavorable outcome

  • Costly, if repeated assessments are obligatory

  • Chemical being pregnant could possibly be recognized

  • Could cause anxiousness

Execs of Early Being pregnant Checks

These early detection assessments might supply benefits in some circumstances. You could need to talk about your testing plans together with your physician first.

Early Detection

Aside from having a doctor order an early hCG blood check, which is normally executed solely when there are medical causes to detect being pregnant as early as attainable, early house being pregnant assessments are the quickest approach so that you can discover out whether or not you might be pregnant throughout a selected menstrual cycle.

Probably the most delicate assessments in the marketplace can probably offer you a optimistic outcome 4 to 5 days earlier than your interval is due, which means you do not essentially have to attend for a missed interval, or look ahead to different being pregnant signs, to search out out whether or not you might be pregnant. Nevertheless, there’s a vital likelihood of getting a false unfavorable with these assessments.

Have to Begin or Cease Medicines

Very early testing may be useful in case your doctor plans so that you can begin or to discontinue any medicines as quickly as you uncover you might be pregnant.

Delivery Management Failure

Early being pregnant assessments may be useful when you had been not meaning to conceive however had a contraception failure across the center of your cycle, and also you need to know as quickly as attainable whether or not you might be pregnant so as to decide your required plan of action.

Being pregnant Life-style Adjustments

A typical motive to go for early being pregnant testing is so that girls may be as wholesome as attainable, together with specializing in consuming effectively, taking prenatal nutritional vitamins, and avoiding alcohol. If that is your purpose, as a substitute of taking early being pregnant assessments—which may be unfavorable even if you’re pregnant—it could be higher to imagine that you may be pregnant and regulate your habits doing these few weeks from conception to a missed interval.

Cons of Early Being pregnant Checks

For probably the most correct outcomes, most specialists advocate ready to take a being pregnant check till the day of a missed interval fairly than testing early.

False Negatives

The bundle insert for one of many main manufacturers of early being pregnant assessments states that, when used 5 days earlier than the anticipated menstrual interval, the check will detect hCG in about 76% of pregnant girls. 4 days earlier than the anticipated menstrual interval, 96% of girls may have a optimistic outcome if they’re pregnant—which means 4% might not.

Though it’s true that these assessments can inform you that you simply are pregnant in a given cycle, they can’t inform you that you’re undoubtedly not pregnant, and there’s a vital likelihood of getting a false unfavorable outcome.

Price of Repeated Testing

You could be extra prone to get a false unfavorable in case your menstrual cycle varies in size or if you’re not monitoring the precise date to count on your interval. Moreover, when you take a check when your urine is diluted fairly than concentrated, it could throw off your outcomes. In different phrases, it is higher to take a check very first thing within the morning fairly than after ingesting a number of fluids all through the day.

Thus, the uncertainty of a unfavorable outcome might lead you to make use of a number of early being pregnant assessments in every menstrual cycle, and this follow can value you a substantial amount of cash with out altering the last word reply.

Chemical Being pregnant

Early being pregnant testing will increase your likelihood of detecting very early miscarriages which may in any other case go unnoticed. Usually termed “chemical pregnancies,” these miscarriages trigger you to get a optimistic being pregnant check however then have your interval arrive on schedule or only some days late, making the check seem like a “false optimistic.”

Researchers consider that chemical pregnancies are extraordinarily frequent and infrequently point out any underlying well being issues within the mom. However these conceptions are being detected extra typically due to the delicate being pregnant assessments now in the marketplace.

Should you wait to check till after your interval is due, you should have decrease odds of noticing a chemical being pregnant. Relying in your outlook, you could want to attend to take an early being pregnant check in order to cut back the danger of being disillusioned a number of days later.

Do not forget that discovering out a number of days early shouldn’t be going to have an effect on whether or not you truly are pregnant, nor will it have an effect on the result of your being pregnant.


Maybe the most important disadvantage to taking early being pregnant assessments is the anxiousness this follow can create. Whereas we consider anxiousness as primarily a psychological symptom, the ensuing stress hormones the physique secretes may be unhealthy bodily. If a purpose of doing an early being pregnant check is so that you’re positive to be as wholesome as attainable, testing may very well accomplish the other of what you meant.

A Phrase From Verywell

Everybody’s circumstances are totally different, and you must make the selections that work greatest for you. Typically data is reassuring, and generally it is not. Every individual will probably be totally different relating to the very best time to do a being pregnant check. Whereas early being pregnant assessments might offer you peace of thoughts in some circumstances, you should definitely speak to your physician to make sure you’re utilizing them appropriately to get probably the most correct outcomes.

By Krissi Danielsson

Krissi Danielsson, MD is a physician of household drugs and an advocate for individuals who have skilled miscarriage. 

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