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The Montgomery Glands: Data, Care, Elimination

The Montgomery glands or Montgomery tubercles are small glands round the nipples on the areola. They’re usually not noticeable till a girl turns into pregnant. Throughout being pregnant, because the breasts develop to organize for breastfeeding, the Montgomery glands additionally get bigger. They start to erupt and will appear like pimples on the nipple and areola.

The variety of seen bumps on the areola is totally different for every girl. Every areola can have wherever from 0 to roughly 40 tubercles, with a mean of about 10 to fifteen on either side. There are extra within the higher, outer a part of the areola, and the scale of the areola would not have an effect on the variety of glands there are.

What Montgomery Glands Do

The Montgomery glands are a mixture of milk glands and sebaceous glands. They will launch a small quantity of breast milk, however they largely produce a pure, oily substance that cleans and lubricates the nipple and areola. This oily substance accommodates antibacterial properties. It helps to guard the breasts from an infection by stopping the expansion of microorganisms and germs.

The areolar glands are believed to play an essential position in getting breastfeeding off to an excellent begin, attachment, and bonding. They offer off a scent that may assist the new child discover the nipple and encourage the child to latch on and breastfeed instantly after start.

Research present that the infants of ladies with extra areolar glands discover the breast and start breastfeeding sooner than these with fewer areolar glands. Extra Montgomery glands are additionally related to higher new child development.

Learn how to Look after Montgomery Glands

For the reason that Montgomery glands present a pure moisturizer to your nipples, you needn’t use lanolin or every other nipple cream to moisturize your nipples. Moreover, when caring to your nursing breast, watch out in regards to the soaps and different merchandise that you simply use. Harsh, antibacterial soaps can wash away or intrude with this pure safety. Listed here are some ideas for caring to your Montgomery glands.

  • Depart them alone: So long as your nipples and areola are mushy and wholesome, go away the Montgomery glands alone. Wash your breasts with heat water and keep away from soaps that may wash away the protecting substance secreted by your Montgomery glands.
  • Ask your physician: When you’ve got any considerations about how your glands or nipples, ask your physician to look at your breasts.
  • Keep away from popping: Regardless that these glands might appear like pimples in your breast, they don’t seem to be pimples. You should not attempt to pop them.
  • Don’t deal with with zits medicine. Not solely can zits medicine dry out your areola, however many zits remedies are harmful. You must keep away from them when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. 
  • Don’t use nipple lotions, lotions, or ointments in your breasts to attempt to stop nipple issues. These will not be crucial until you’ve very sore, cracked nipples, or an an infection. Some nipple lotions may even make the issues worse. When you’ve got a breast or nipple challenge, speak to your healthcare supplier earlier than attempting to deal with the issue by yourself.

An infection

Regardless that the Montgomery glands assist to kill germs and preserve the areola clear, they can not fully stop breast issues. It’s nonetheless potential for the areolar glands to grow to be irritated and contaminated. That is extra doubtless in case your nipples and areola grow to be cracked and broken.

It is essential to verify your breasts repeatedly. When you understand what’s regular, it will likely be simpler to acknowledge when one thing seems totally different. For instance, you may count on raised Montgomery glands throughout being pregnant and breastfeeding. However in the event you discover that they grow to be purple, swollen (bigger than they have been), and painful, otherwise you get a fever, it’s best to contact your physician for an examination and remedy.


Montgomery glands are a wholesome a part of your breast anatomy. As soon as your child is born, and breastfeeding has ended, these little bumps might shrink again down on their very own. Nevertheless, if they do not go away or you’ve considerations about them, you may speak to your physician.

It is most likely not crucial, however it’s potential to have a minor surgical process to take away massive areolar glands. The removing of some glands would not have an effect on your breast tissue or milk ducts, so it is not going to intrude together with your means to make breast milk or breastfeed in the event you resolve to have one other baby.

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By Donna Murray, RN, BSN

Donna Murray, RN, BSN has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Rutgers College and is a present member of Sigma Theta Tau, the Honor Society of Nursing.

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