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Educating Your Tween How you can Use Tampons

When tweens get their interval, they might ask questions on menstrual merchandise and whether or not or not they need to use tampons. Whereas many preteens go for menstrual pads after they first get their durations, some could want to make use of tampons as an alternative. 

Some tweens are afraid of utilizing tampons, and in case your baby is one among them, strive to not push the topic. They’ll determine if and after they wish to use them. In the event that they ask about utilizing tampons, they is perhaps prepared to present them a strive.

Tampons vs. Different Interval Merchandise

Tampons are cylinder-shaped or rectangular and are fabricated from compacted, tender, cotton-like materials. Tampons are used internally and as soon as inserted, the vaginal partitions maintain the tampon in place. A string connected to the underside of the tampon is used to take away the tampon when it is time for a alternative.

Tampons are regulated as medical units by the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA-approved tampons are fabricated from cotton, rayon, or a mix. They’re bleached utilizing a course of that stops them from having harmful ranges of the pollutant dioxin.


Folks usually start utilizing menstrual pads when their durations first begin. Menstrual pad utilization is fairly easy. Within the case of disposable pads, you merely take away the pad from the packaging, peel away the paper masking the adhesive, and place it in your underwear. For reusable material pads, instead of adhesive, there are normally wings with velcro or snaps to safe them in your underwear.

Since pads are approachable and simple to make use of, they’re usually an excellent place to start out.  Adolescents who’re lively in sports activities, wish to swim at summer time camp, or really feel self-conscious that pads could also be seen via their clothes, nevertheless, could also be fascinated by utilizing tampons.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are bowl-shaped cups that you just insert into the vagina. They’re constructed from silicone, rubber, or plastic. They work like tampons in that they sit within the physique. Nevertheless, fairly than absorbing blood, cups acquire liquid, which, when eliminated, it’s worthwhile to get rid of. 

Individuals who use cups generally get pleasure from the truth that they’re reusable, making them a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly choice. Studying find out how to use them can have a little bit of a studying curve, and they’re usually messier to insert and take away than pads and tampons.

It’s essential to routinely sterilize menstrual cups in boiling water after every cycle.

Interval Underwear

Interval underwear (and swimwear) is rather like common underwear besides that it incorporates further, absorbent layers of material to soak up menstrual blood. Like pads and tampons, interval underwear is available in totally different absorbency ranges. They can be utilized as a backup for tampons and cups or used on their very own. 

How you can Use Tampons

Studying find out how to insert and take away a tampon will take time, and it is regular to be nervous at first. Reassure your tween that it’s regular to really feel unsure however that finally, they are going to get the hold of it. For first-time tampon customers, it is usually best to start with tampons that include plastic or cardboard applicators fairly than people who come with out.

Sometimes, data is supplied in every package deal of tampons, explaining find out how to simply insert the tampon, take away it, and throw it away, usually with useful illustrations. Go over these directions together with your tween and ask if they’ve any questions. 

It is not a foul thought to supply your tween a small hand mirror to make use of in order that they will take a look at and discover the vaginal opening earlier than trying to insert the tampon. Folks usually insert tampons whereas sitting on a bathroom, however if you find yourself studying, totally different positions like squatting, standing with one leg elevated (resembling on a stool), or mendacity on the ground could make it simpler. Making use of lubricant to the applicator may also assist.

Steps for inserting tampons:

  1. Wash your fingers: Earlier than and after inserting a tampon
  2. Discover the correct match: Select the smallest absorbency at first
  3. Insert the applicator: Slide the applicator into the vagina, aiming towards the again
  4. Insert the tampon: Gripping the applicator together with your thumb and center finger, push the smaller tube of the applicator together with your index finger to maneuver the tampon into the vagina
  5. Take away the applicator: Take away the applicator and discard it within the trash

Steps for eradicating tampons:

  1. Wash your fingers: Earlier than and after eradicating a tampon
  2. Chill out: Tampons are simpler to take away if you find yourself not tense
  3. Pull on the string: Rigorously seize the string between your fingers and information the tampon out on the identical angle you inserted it
  4. Discard: Wrap the tampon in bathroom paper and discard it within the trash

How Lengthy Can You Put on Tampons?

Like pads, tampons should be eliminated and changed each few hours, relying on how heavy the circulation is. Somebody with a heavy circulation could have to exchange their tampon each two to 4 hours. Tampons are single-use—they will solely be used one time after which have to be thrown away.

By no means go away a tampon in place for longer than eight hours, because it will increase the danger of a uncommon however severe situation referred to as poisonous shock syndrome (TSS).

Are Tampons Protected?

When used accurately, tampons are secure. Earlier than tampons could be offered, the FDA should evaluation them to find out if they’re secure and efficient.

Folks with delicate pores and skin could develop a rash or itching from menstrual merchandise—that is very true for scented merchandise. Encourage your baby to keep away from scented menstrual merchandise. Not solely may they trigger irritation, however they will additionally disrupt the stability of micro organism and pH ranges within the vagina.

In case your baby notices itching or irritation after utilizing a tampon or different menstrual product, discontinue utilizing the product. If the signs persist past a day or two, name your physician.

What Is Poisonous Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

A severe illness referred to as poisonous shock syndrome (TSS) is related to utilizing tampons. The situation is uncommon however could be deadly. A toxin in Staphylococcus micro organism causes TSS. 

TSS was first present in individuals who used tampons, however at the moment tampon use accounts for lower than half of instances. Even so, tampon use remains to be a danger issue for growing TSS. The hyperlink between TSS and tampons isn’t totally understood, however one principle is that naturally occurring micro organism within the vagina can overgrow within the presence of a tampon.

Signs of TSS usually come on very immediately. They embrace:

  • Chills
  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Excessive fever
  • Low blood stress
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Widespread sunburn-like rash

To attenuate the danger of poisonous shock syndrome:

  • Use the bottom absorbency stage wanted
  • Change tampons steadily
  • Alternate between pads and tampons

Discovering the Proper Tampons

There are numerous tampons available on the market, so selecting one could also be overwhelming to your tween. Serving to your baby perceive the variations between manufacturers and kinds can assist.


Some tampons include cardboard or plastic applicators that assist the tampon transfer up the vagina and into place. Different tampons have stick applicators or none in any respect. Customers should insert their fingertips into their vagina to information the tampon in if there isn’t a applicator. Compact applicators permit for smaller, extra discreet packaging.


Like pads, tampons are sized in response to absorbency. 

Absorbency ranges embrace:

  • Extremely: Absorbs 15-18 grams
  • Tremendous Plus: Absorbs 12-15 grams
  • Tremendous: Absorbs 9-12 grams
  • Common: Absorbs 6-9 grams
  • Gentle: Absorbs 6 grams

Gentle tampons are good for newbie customers as a result of they’re smaller and simpler to insert, take away, and handle. Some teenagers could discover they want totally different absorbency ranges at totally different factors of their cycle.

Steadily Requested Questions

How previous must you be to make use of tampons?

There isn’t any minimal age for tampon utilization. If adolescents wish to use tampons, they will normally start utilizing them as quickly as their menstrual cycle begins.  

How do you utilize compact tampons?

Compact tampons include the plunger a part of the applicator pushed within the applicator in order that it’s shorter and extra discrete. Every model’s compact tampons may fit barely otherwise, so be sure you learn the directions on the package deal. More often than not, you simply want to drag out the internal tube till it clicks into place after which insert the tampon as you’d every other tampon with an applicator.

How do you utilize sea sponge tampons?

Sea sponges are plant-like organisms that develop within the sea. When harvested, you may put on them to soak up menstrual blood. They’re worn contained in the vagina like a tampon. Menstrual sponges are extremely absorbent and could be reused for 3-6 months.

To make use of a sea sponge, moist the sponge, squeeze it out, after which use your fingers to insert it into your vagina.

A Phrase From Verywell

Which interval product to make use of is a private selection. Some tweens could by no means wish to use tampons, whereas others could also be as quickly as they start their interval. Some could wish to know extra about interval underwear or menstrual cups. 

Arm your self with details about the varied merchandise so to assist your tween navigate their choices. Along with your assist, your baby will have the ability to decide which menstrual merchandise work greatest for his or her physique. 

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