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Stephen Danny Downs Now? Story Behind The Murder Case

Stephen Danny Downs is Diane’s Downs son, who is paralyzed from the waist down. Diane Downs is an American who is accused of murdering her two children near her house in Springfield, Oregon.

After the Murder, the female claimed to police that a man had shot her two children.

Why did she kill her children? Who is Stephen Danny Downs? Is it true that after being arrested, Diane Downs escaped from the detention center? What is the truth behind the story? Let’s find out.

Who Is Stephen Danny Downs & Where Is He Now Today?

Stephen Danny Downs keeps his life private, and low key and the 42-year-old is reportedly going about his everyday life and shares his random events, but he never mentions his private and marriage life.

Behind The Story – A Quick Overview

Diane Down is widely known for the murder of innocent children. However, the reason for the killing is not mentioned anywhere, but after murder, she was abducted and imprisoned for life.

However, she was married twice, and when in an interview, she was asked by her former husband – Steve Downs, about his wife, he was silent and said he had no words to explain the brutality done by her ex-wife.

He further added that it affected his innocent daughter Sherryl. 

Why Did She Kill Children & What She Claimed About Killing Children?

Diane Downs pursued her career as a postal worker in Springfield, Oregon. She had three children, Danny, Christie, and Cheryl, eight, seven, and three, respectively.

One night in 1983, Diane went to the emergency wing of Mckenzie-Willamette Hospital in Springfield in the hustle and bustle of her children who suffered from the shot and were bleeding.

However, the medical experts checked the children on her arrival and found Cheryl dead.

On the other hand, Christie and her younger brother, Danny,  were severely injured but with a conscious mind.

In Diane’s words, a bushy-haired stranger suddenly came and had shot her children while robbing her car on a deserted rural road.

Moreover, while talking to the medication staff, the bullet wound was also seen on her shoulder.

She said that she was going to her home after visiting her friend, and she drastically met with an inhumane act. 

Her son, Danny, suffered severe injuries that left him paralyzed, while Christie sustained a stroke that impaired her speech after fanning a severe injury.

Why Investigation Suspected Diane?

Preliminary investigations into the case showed that Diane Downs was emotionally flat, and her story about her children was doubtful.

Investigations suspected why a mother would take the children in the dark to meet with her friends.

When the process of the murder investigation was going on, investigators found the notebook in which she mentioned that she loved a man, Lew, who never wanted to see her along with her children.

After some months of proper medications, Christie recovered and recollected what happened that night; then, she told the District Attorney that she had never seen a stranger that night, and only her mother shot all of us.

When Christie was asked why she would do that, she replied, ”Maybe she loved Lew more than us.” 

When Did Steve Downs Meet Diane Downs?

This is the true factual thing: love is blind, and it can happen to anyone. She went through the same situation with Danny Downs, and both met for the first time at a school and studied together.

Danny got inspired by the beauty, as she was independent and stunning in looks, and they both were attracted to each other.

Religiously, Diane Downs belongs to a strict religious value and morality, but in spite of their intense attraction and justified love, they never knew their separate paths. 

Your dreams come true only when your real path of life meets your destiny which is being written for you.

The Couple Got Married After Running Away

After completing the studies, they became separate because of various reasons.

Steve wanted to pursue his Navy career, so he went to fulfill his dreams.

 On the other hand, Diane belonged to a rich and strict religion. Her family background to secure and protect the family’s tradition and culture and remain stick to the cultural and religious values; she went to Pacific Bible College.

It was very difficult for both of them to get separated after a long-term intense love relationship, so when they realized that their parents would never agree to their marriage, they ran away.

In 1973, They tied the knot officially and lived with each other.

However, Diane’s parents had immense expectations and willingness from her daughter, but all went away in despair.

After one year of their union, the couple was blessed with a child named Christie Ann, born in 1974. 

In 1976, Cheryl Lynn was born, and after three years, Downs gave birth to Stephen Daniel, born in 1979. 

However, the couple got separated after seven years due to some reasons. Steve thought that her wife had an extramarital affair with someone.

Therefore, they parted ways, and in 1982, Diane gave birth to a daughter named Jennifer.

Where Is Christie Downs Now? 

Christie Downs, considered to be the star witness in her mother’s case, has turned 46, and after surgery, she has to bear difficulty in her speech.

She went to the University of Oregon. Presently, she lives in the town with her husband and children. 

The couple was blessed with a baby in 2005, to whom she gave her name after her deceased sister, Cheryl. 

However, she does not maintain any communication with her mother.

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