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Sam: Title That means, Origin, Reputation

What Does Sam Imply?

Sam is a boy’s title with biblical ties. The title Sam is of Hebrew origin and is usually used as a nickname for Samuel. Its meanings embody “informed by God” and “God hears.”

Within the Previous Testomony, Samuel is featured as a prophet and choose of the Israelites. Most individuals bearing the title Sam use it as a nickname, however it’s typically a given title.

The title Sam has been used for over a century. Whereas it’s primarily chosen by dad and mom anticipating child boys, the nickname Sam is a typical moniker for ladies.

  • Origin: The title Sam of Hebrew origin that means “informed by God.”
  • Gender: Sam is traditionally the masculine type of the title. Female variations embody Samantha, Sami, and Samuela.
  • Pronunciation: sam

Though many child names are separated by gender, Verywell Household believes that intercourse doesn’t must play a job in your title choice course of. It’s vital to pick out a reputation that you simply really feel fits your new child the very best.

How Common Is the Title Sam?

As a given title, Sam pales compared to the extra common Samuel. Whereas Samuel has been within the prime 100 for greater than a century, Sam has been off that record for simply as lengthy, ending its top-100 run in 1926.

Sam ranked because the No. 653 hottest title for boys in 2020. It reached its peak in 1900 when it was No. 34.

Related Names

Sam is a concise, masculine title. For those who just like the sound and origin of the title Sam, you might also recognize:

  • Ben
  • Chase
  • Finn
  • Gabe
  • Jack
  • Luke
  • Max
  • Paul

Different boy’s names beginning with S:

  • Salvatore
  • Sawyer
  • Sebastian
  • Sean/Shaun/Shawn
  • Seamus
  • Silas
  • Simon
  • Stephen/Steven
  • Sullivan
  • Sylvester

Frequent Nicknames

The title Sam is usually the abbreviated model of longer names, like Samuel and Samson. Nevertheless, it can be used as a standalone title. A typical nickname for the title Sam is Sammy, which is a sweet-sounding title for a youthful youngster.

Instructed Sibling Names

The next names might pair properly with Sam:

  • Abigail
  • Benjamin
  • Elizabeth
  • Emma
  • Grace
  • Hannah
  • Henry
  • Lucas
  • Michael
  • Olivia
  • William

Well-known Folks Named Samuel

Due to its longevity, there is definitely no scarcity of recognizable Sams (and Samuels). Listed here are a couple of notable individuals who bear the title—each actual and fictional:

Well-known Sams

  • Sam Cooke, American singer-songwriter
  • Sam Elliott, American actor
  • Sam Kinison, American comic
  • Sam Shepard, American actor-playwright-author
  • Sam Smith, English singer-songwriter

Well-known Samuels

  • Samuel Adams, American politician
  • Samuel Beckett, Irish playwright
  • Samuel Clemens, Delivery title of American writer Mark Twain
  • Samuel L. Jackson, American actor
  • Samuel Morse, American inventor

Fictional Sams

  • Sam Axe, “Burn Discover”
  • Sam Evans, “Glee”
  • Sam Malone, “Cheers”
  • Sam Winchester, “Supernatural”
  • Sam Wheat, “Ghost”

Extra Child Names

Nonetheless looking for the proper child title? Take a look at these associated child title lists for much more choices:

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By Renee Plant

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