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Rebel Wilson fears she will be ‘kicked out of UK’ over royal family jokes

Rebel Wilson is planning to make the royal family the center of her jokes when she takes the stage at the BAFTA Awards 2022.

In an interview with Radio Times, the actress said that as comedians are currently facing a “hard time” she won’t be risking anything by saying something that could get her “kicked out of the country”.

“It’s different from presenting one award,” she admitted.

“Your head is on the chopping block as the host, which is a bit scary. I get very nervous. It’s a very hard time for comedians, because what can you say without being cancelled?”

“But I’m very cheeky, so I do like to tread that line. I hope people know that I’m coming from a good place,” she continued.

“Obviously there are usually royals in attendance; that’s exciting for me because my middle name is Elizabeth, after the Queen, and my sisters and my brother have royal middle names,

“It just adds that extra class if the royals attend.

“Will I still say a joke? Yeah, but I’m obviously not going to say anything that’s going to get me kicked out of the country.”

She went on to reveal that she uses her well placed sources to make sure that the jokes that are executed are royal approved.

“I do have a royal family insider. I won’t say who.

“I sometimes run a joke by this insider and they give me the thumbs up or thumbs down.”

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