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Plan B (Morning-After Capsule): Effectiveness and Facet Results

Levonorgestrel is a hormone that can be utilized for emergency contraception. Emergency contraception shouldn’t be used as a routine technique of contraception.

Levonorgestrel can stop being pregnant after unprotected intercourse. Individuals generally name it the “morning after tablet.” However you do not have to attend till the morning after intercourse to take it. In truth, levonorgestrel is simpler the earlier you’re taking it. It’s a one-dose routine: you’re taking one tablet. The tablet comprises 1.5 milligrams of levonorgestrel, which is utilized in decrease doses in lots of contraception tablets.

Levonorgestrel manufacturers embrace Econtra EZ, My Method, Subsequent Selection One Dose, Plan B One Step, Preventeza, and Take Motion. These are given as a one tablet emergency contraception or as 2 tablets taken individually inside 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.

How Does Levonorgestrel Work?

Relying upon the place you might be in your cycle, levonorgestrel helps stop being pregnant after unprotected intercourse. It might stop or delay ovulation.

Levonorgestrel isn’t the identical as RU-486, which is an abortion tablet. It doesn’t trigger a miscarriage or abortion. It won’t work if you’re already pregnant while you take it. Be taught extra about how emergency contraception works.

How Efficient Is Levonorgestrel?

If you happen to take the tablet inside 72 hours after you have had unprotected intercourse, levonorgestrel can scale back the danger of being pregnant by as much as 87% if taken as directed. If you happen to take Plan B One-Step inside 24 hours, it’s way more efficient.

However you need to know that Plan B One-Step isn’t as efficient as common contraception. So do not take it as a type of contraception. And, it doesn’t shield you towards sexually transmitted illnesses. Consider it as a backup — not for routine use. That is why it is referred to as Plan B. Get extra info on emergency contraception and its effectiveness.

The right way to Take Levonorgestrel

Plan B One Step will be bought over-the-counter at drugstores with out a prescription or proof of age. As a result of it’s only when taken as quickly as doable (as much as 72 hours after unprotected intercourse), take into account having a prepared provide in your medication cupboard. Higher but, use a dependable type of contraception, and plan for a backup technique of contraception.

You possibly can take it if:

  • You did not use any contraception.
  • The condom got here off or broke.
  • The diaphragm slipped misplaced.
  • You missed at the very least two or three energetic contraception tablets in a row.
  • You forgot to insert your ring or apply your patch.
  • Your associate did not pull out in time.
  • You’ve gotten another excuse to assume your contraception may not have labored.
  • You have been compelled to have unprotected intercourse.

Keep in mind:Plan B won’t shield you from getting pregnant in case you have unprotected intercourse after taking it. To guard you towards getting pregnant, it is advisable to take it proper after you might have unprotected intercourse and use a type a contraception when you might have intercourse

Don’t take levonorgestrel if:

  • You realize you might be pregnant or suspect you may be.
  • You’ve gotten a historical past of allergy or hypersensitivity to its substances.
  • You’ve gotten a historical past of latest irregular vaginal bleeding that your physician has not but evaluated.

Facet Results of Levonorgestrel

Many ladies have taken emergency contraception with out critical issues. Nevertheless it’s a good suggestion to ask your physician about doable interactions with different drugs.

Levonorgestrel is taken into account secure for most ladies. You shouldn’t take it if you’re pregnant as a result of it won’t finish the being pregnant.

Potential unintended effects of levonorgestrel embrace:

If you happen to vomit inside two hours after taking the drug, name a healthcare skilled to seek out out should you ought to repeat the dose.

With levonorgestrel, you may additionally have some sudden bleeding. It ought to go away by the point of your subsequent interval. Nonetheless, it’s doable that levonorgestrel might trigger your subsequent interval to be heavier or lighter than normal. It might additionally come earlier or later than is regular for you. If you do not get your interval inside three weeks, get a being pregnant take a look at to ensure you’re not pregnant. Learn extra on emergency contraception unintended effects.

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