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Michael Imperioli’s Wife, Victoria Chlebowski And Her Change Of Faith

Victoria Chlebowski came to the spotlight when she married the famous American personality Michael Imperioli. Michael Imperioli is known as an actor, musician, director and writer and has worked in numerous roles and features.

Michael Imperioli’s Wife – Victoria Chlebowski

Victoria Chlebowski is known most notably as the wife of the famous actor Michael Imperioli. Michael has appeared in the television series The Sopranos, for which he is most recognized as.

Along with The Sopranos, he has also appeared in Lovely Bones, The White Lotus, Lincoln Rhyme, etc. 

His character Christopher Moltisanti in the crime drama television series The Sopranos is widely regarded as his best characterization.

His wife Victoria although is not so much known in the media and is also not as popular as her husband, but she is herself a successful businesswoman. 

Victoria Chlebowski – Who is She?

Although due to preference of privacy the exact date of birth is not known of Victoria, we do know that she was born in the year 1966. That makes her 56, a remarkable age for such a graceful woman. 

She was born in The Soviet Union era of Russia and hails from a Jewish background. As Victoria has kept most of her details private, we do not know further details regarding her parents and background. 

Since the era in which she was born was highly sensitive in nature, Victoria Chlebowski’s parents decided to migrate to America. There is news that at the time of the family’s migration, Victoria was only 16 years old. 

She attended a private high school in California at the time (through which it is known she was 16 at the time). After her private high school she moved on to enroll at Elite College. 

The family has dedicated Christians. 

Career Life of Victoria Chlebowski

As stated earlier, Victoria is a businesswoman. She has several businesses under her wing the most notable of which is SVE New York, which is a collaboration between her and Sonya Chang. 

SVE New York is a design firm. Victoria and her husband were also involved in the refurbishing of a factory building in Tribeca. 

This is because Victoria has stated she loves to refurbish old things rather than buy new ones. The said factory building was dated back to the 19th century. 

The couple also owns a Bohemian bar which is situated in Chelsea. The couple has also partnered together to inaugurate Studio Dante, an off-broadway theater where Victoria’s husband served as an art director, due to his background in film and TV.

Victoria Chlebowski also has credit in Joy de V, a New York noir, dramatic thriller genre film which was released in the year 2013 and was written and directed by Nadia Szold. This is a unique fact that is not known by many people.

Her film background

She has also worked in films as a film producer for features The Hungry Ghosts and Circledrawers. Her film credit also goes on another documentary film in which she is working with her husband. 

The film revolved around the Tibetan Gyatso Scholars Program through which many departments will have the chance to study in the United States.

The Dalai Lama’s vision is also promoted at The Tenzin Gyatso Institute, through which departments will get a chance to come to the US and study in the fields of neurology, physics, social sciences etc. 

How Victoria and Michael Met

It has been revealed by Victoria Chlebowski that the couple had their fateful meeting for the first time in a bar. It was in the 1990s, and the name of the bar has not been disclosed. 

After dating for around five months, the couple decided they were made for each other and opted for marriage. The marriage ceremony was held on 19th September 1996.

 Since then, it has been more than two decades and almost three for the couple together. 

Victoria’s Legacy as a Result of Her Marriage

Victoria is happily married to her husband and this is also evident by the fact that she has three children with Michael. The three children are named Vadim, David and Isabella. 

But Isabella is not her biological child of Michael as there is news that she is the daughter of Victoria and an unknown person whom she was with before her marriage to Michael.

But after marriage, Michael has pursued all legal formalities and has adopted Isabella as her own daughter. 

Due to privacy concerns, not much is known about the children except little tidbits. Vadim attended Santa Barbara High School and then went on to pursue further education at Purchase College. 

Change of Faith

Victoria belongs to a Christian family but both she and her husband have shifted to Buddhism. This dates back to college days when she used to read Buddhist books and practice philosophy. 

It is stated in places that she began to develop an interest in the faith from there. 

Upon gaining interest, she shared her findings with Michael. He also got interested and they both started to pursue more knowledge regarding the subject. 

They have been seen visiting many events such as visiting Buddhist monks. Some of the monks they have visited are Dalai Lama, Sogyal Rinpoche, Gelek Rinpoche, etc. 

They follow the dedicated teachings of the said lamas and barely miss any of the events. Victoria’s behavior had a sudden change when she started pursuing Buddhism. 

Her tolerance levels have increased along with her patience, which has greatly inspired her family. She is also said to have attained an elevated piece of mind. 

She also meditates early in the morning with her husband.

Net Worth and Further News of Victoria

Due to her being a businesswoman, her estimated net worth is certainly more than USD $100,000.

Recent news regarding her was when she contracted COVID-19. Her husband Michael announced the news that he was sure he also contracted the virus along with his son and wife. 

They were also involved with selling and purchasing additional properties. Other than that, the couple leads a private life and try not to get too much spotlight attention.

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