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Meet Juanita Hardy, Ex-Wife Of Sidney Poitier

Juanita Hardy leads a happy life with her family while pursuing her professional goals.

According to her photographs, Juanita Hardy’s age appears to be between 70 and 80 years old.

Since her divorce from Sidney, Juanita has kept a low profile and avoids public attention.

Who is Juanita Hardy?

Juanita Hardy has yet to reveal her birthdate and year to the world. 

According to some sources, her birth took place somewhere in the United States of America. 

There isn’t much information about her parents and siblings, what they do, or where they belong. 

She identifies as an American and follows the Christian faith. She also belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

She acquired her primary education from a school in her locality, and she went to the University of Georgia for higher studies. 

Hardy earned her master’s degree from George Washington University after graduating from Livingstone College with a science degree.

Juanita likes to keep her life private. It isn’t much known about her height, weight, or appearance. 

Juanita Hardy’s Career

She is most known for her work as the Silver Spring, Maryland-based Tiger Management Consulting Group organizer.

Juanita Hardy is the Tiger Management Consulting Group’s Founder and Managing Principal.

She began working with the counseling group in 2006 and has been an integral part of it for the past 15 years.

She is the Founder and Managing Principal of Tiger Management Consulting Group, according to Linkedin. 

This business counseling administration corporation focuses on senior expert training and creative placemaking in the real estate industry.

Her company aids various corporate and public sector organizations to understand their systems better and put together their strategy. 

Hardy worked with IBM Global Services for nearly thirty years, starting in 1974. She quit as the National Leader for IBM State and Local Outstanding in June 2005.

She worked at IBM as an administration specialist. She established herself as a top state and mastered local outsourcing while she was there. 

She has worked for several organizations.

According to a source, Juanita began her career as a model and artist in her early years. 

Some sources also say that she met Sidney, her ex husband,  while working with the media. Nonetheless, this news isn’t confirmed.

Juanita Hardy Ties The Knot With Sidney Poitier

On April 29, 1950, Juanita Hardy and Sidney Poitier married in front of their loved ones.

Sidney Poitier, the ex-spouse of Juanita Hardy, is a well-known actor. 

On April 29, 1950, Juanita and Poitier married in front of their loved ones.

The wedding happened in the 1990s when there was little to no technology, media, and innovation; therefore, their wedding received relatively little media coverage.

After a 15-year marriage, they decided to go their own ways in 1965.

The couple is the parents to four daughters. 

Beverly Poitier, the couple’s first daughter, is one of their four daughters. 

Pamela Poitier, Sidney and Juanita’s second daughter, followed in her father’s footsteps and became an actress. 

In addition, Sherri, their third daughter, was born in 1956. 

Juanita then gave birth to Gina Poitier, their youngest daughter. Gina, sadly, is no longer with us in this life. 

Poitier later married Joanna Shimkus, andhad two kidsr, Anika Poitier and Sydney Tamiia Poitier. 

In 1965, Juanita and Poitier called it quits after 15 years of marriage. She concentrated on her professional career when her marriage ended.

Juanita & Sidney Part Ways After 15 Years Of Marriage

With Juanita and Sidney, everything was fine. The couple and their four children lived in a lovely house in Mount Vernon, New York. 

The couple lived happily until Sidney fell in love with Diahann Carroll while both were married then. 

Juanita soon found out about the affair of her husband with Carroll. 

Carroll claimed to have had a long-term relationship with Poitier that began in 1963, revealing that he convinced her to divorce her then-husband, Monte Kay, so that they could be together.

The couple vowed to break away from their respective partners and spend life together. 

Later, things didnt turn out in their favor; hence, Sidney and Diahann’s relationship deteriorated.

While Poitier eventually divorced Hardy in 1965, he supposedly told Carroll that he wasn’t ready for another marriage, and the two went their own ways as a result.

Who is Sidney Poitier?

Sidney is a well-known Bahamian and American actor and film director. He has worked on several larger screen projects as well as others. 

He was a Bahamian Actor, and he was also a film executive, lobbyist, and ambassador. 

He was the first dark male entertainer from the Bahamas to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Sepia Cinderella was his first debut film, released in 1947. 

He was then cast in a number of movies, including No Way Out, Go Man Go, Blackboard Jungle, Goodbye; My Lady, Porgy and Bess, All the Young Men, Paris Blues, Pressure Point, The Long Ships, Lillies of the Field, A Patch of Blue.

The Organization, A Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey, A Warm December, Uptown Saturday Night, Let’s Do It Again, and The Jackal, are some of his movies.

He has also received other awards, including the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album, the Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Golden Globes, and the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award.

Moreover, his remarkable accomplishments as an actor procured him an Academy Honorary Award in 2002.

Tragically, he died on January 5, 2022, for unknown reasons at the age of 94.

How Did Divorce Compensation From Her Ex-Husband Affect Her Net Worth?

Juanita Hardy is continuing to live a happy life with her loved ones. Because of the prestige and money she has attained as a result of her job, which began today. 

Stating around 2022, her net worth is estimated to be between 1 million to 5 million US dollars.

Her total assets are unknown due to the secrecy surrounding her remuneration and income. 

In any case, it’s possible that she received a massive offer as compensation after her divorce from Poitier.

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