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Kashees Bridal Makeup Kit Products Price in Pakistan 2022

Read Kashees Makeup Price in Pakistan, Makeup plays an important role in the lives of all women. So women are always busy searching For top makeup brands based on skin color. Here is the latest collection. Great Cassie’s cosmetics for you. There is a wide range of cosmetics from many top brands.

Some girls just need a Sophisticated appearance base and setting powder. But some women are looking for a concise kit For a more sophisticated look with makeup. Sincerely, Cassie has high-quality famous brand makeup products for you. floor To these cosmetics to satisfy your desires. You can also buy these cosmetics online Great deals on retail stores of all brands.
Pakistan’s Must-Have Kashees Makeup Product Range. There is no other way to make the whole look attractive without makeup. So everything Girls need to have the cosmetics they need to satisfy their desires. The woman you are looking for Makeup brands is always skin conscious. Therefore, we have make-up products.

A famous brand for you here. The main categories include:

1.3D Diamond Powder (Two Pcs)                  3000 Rs
2.Glass Skin Beauty Oil                                    2000 Rs
3.Blush On Majestic Sunrise                           3000 Rs
4.Compact Powder                                            2500 Rs
5.Crystal Shimmer                                             1500 Rs
6.Eventone High Coverage Foundation        2500 Rs
7.Eye Lashes Adhesive                                      500 Rs
8.Eyesshadow Primer                                       1500 Rs
9.Exclusive Line Lipstick                                 800 Rs
10.Gold & Glow Primer                                    2200 Rs
11.Gold Eyeshadow Palette                              2000 Rs
12.Silk & Sleek Eyeshadow Palette                 2500 Rs
13.Jet Black Liquid Eye Liner                          1000 Rs
14.Magic Queen Shimmer                                1800 Rs
15.Classic Makeup Brush Kit                           4000 Rs
16.Matte Eyeshadow (Two Pcs)                       1000 Rs
17.Matte Liquid Lipstick (Two Pcs)                1600 Rs
18.Makeup Setting Spray                                  1500 Rs
19.Nose Ring                                                        4000 Rs
20.Velvet Matte Lipstick                                   2000 Rs
21.Water Eyeshadow (Two Pcs)                       2000 Rs
22.Eyeshadow Base                                            1500 Rs

After Discount                                           35,000/= 44400 Rupees

Face makeup, eye, lips
The main product of the entire cosmetics collection is the base. However, there are some
Other things you have to have. These are:
1- Face Primer
2- Foundation/Stick
3- Setting Powder
4- Beauty Oil
5- Contouring Palette
6- Makeup Brushes
7- Crystal Shimmer
8- Liner and Mascara
9- kashees eyeshadow palette price in pakistan
10- Eyelashes
11- Highlighter
12- Lipsticks and Lip Glosses

  1. Kashee`s Face Primer

    Before applying makeup, you need to apply a face primer. It gives you smooth skin and
    makes it easy for the base to blend. Moreover, the formulas for primers are available in all
    forms. Many artists also believe that a face primer helps in softening the wrinkles and open
    pores of the face. Check the ultra perfect primers here. Rs 2,599 Rs 3,000

  2. EyeShadow Primer
    Do you want to make your eyes perfect? Applying eye shadows is not an easy task. Also, it
    requires a smooth eyelid to blend the shades perfectly. Eyeshadow primer helps
    Blends eyeshadow smoothly. Here is the latest eyeshadow primer for you. 1,800 rupees
  3. Beauty oil from Cassie’s makeup products
    Are there wrinkles or open pores? Don’t worry, we have a solution for that. she
    You need to buy cosmetological oil to reduce wrinkles. Well, this oil contains antioxidants and all of them
    Essential ingredient. The application protects the skin from water loss and
    Keeps your skin plump. So, try Cassie Beauty Oil to get rid of wrinkles. Rs 2,000
    4.4. Foundation range of Cassie’s makeup products
    Looking for perfect skin? Well, every girl wants to have a plain skin tone. the
    Foundations help hide scars on the face. It also creates a uniform and uniform appearance. For a refreshing skin, don’t forget to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Most foundations come in two formats. Liquid base and foundation stick. A compact base that is convenient to carry is preferred. However,
    Have one of the bases depending on your skin tone. 2,000 PKR 2,500 PKR
    5.5. Powder compact and loose powder settings
    Want to make your makeup last longer? You can keep your make-up by setting the powder
    position. The foundation may not fit your skin and may melt. For this reason,
    Women prefer powder because of its sophisticated and well-maintained appearance. Fixed powder
    It can be used in a loose and compact form. Well, Cassie presents you compact
    Powders of various shades. Choose the powder that suits your skin color. Rs 2,200 Rs 3,000
    2,500 rupees
  4. Glitter set spray for Cassie makeup products
    Fixed sprays also help with a perfect make-up look. More fulfilling
    For a long time. Well, it keeps your skin moist and brings a gleamy look. Let`s have a shine
    setting spray for a moist look. Rs 2,000
  5. Contouring Palette
    Do you want to enhance the structure of your face? Simply, get a contouring kit for pure
    beauty. It emphasizes facial features and thereby makes them stand out. can
    It will lead to darkening of the area of ​​your face. Now, to achieve a sophisticated look,
    I have a contour kit. It helps to make your facial features look thinner. The color of the outline is
    It applies to the edges of the face, under the chin, nasal bones, forehead bones, etc. 2,200 rupees
  6. Makeup brush compact kit
    Applying makeup perfectly is not an easy task. You need to have the right brand of makeup
    Brush. Therefore, here we will introduce a set of clean and clear brushes. Device
    Includes all required brushes for beginners. There are separate brushes for the eyes
    Brush for makeup, contours, powder and lipstick. So grab a great brush and refine it
    shape. Rs 8,000
  7. Crystal glitter for brightening effect
    Want to brighten your makeup? If so, you need to try glitter
    In your eyes It illuminates your face and therefore perfectly shines on your overall look. Crystal glitter is available in all desired shades. So get the sparkle you want
    The color of Cassie’s makeup products. 2,000 rupees
    Rs 2,200
  8. Eyeliner and mascara for perfect eyes
    Want bright eyes? Every girl desire to make her eyes stunning through
    makeup. However, liner and mascara are the essentials for blazing eyes. Get the latest gel
    and liquid liner by the famous brand. Also, the distinctive mascara with a giant brush is
    perfect for eyelashes. You can also learn how to apply eyeliner perfectly in different forms. Rs 1.500
    PKR 1.200
    Rs 1.200

9. Eyeshadow palette
Eyeshadow makes your eyes look colorful and vibrant. also,
Complete your make-up look with vibrant colors in a variety of shades. Therefore famous
Makeup brands offer a complete range of beautiful eye makeup. So close your eyes
Make it even more elegant with Kashee’s make-up set. These palettes are very colored and
You can easily create colorful and smoky eye makeup. Pkr 4,000 Rs 2,500
Pkr 2,500 Rs 3,000
10. Eyelashes by Kashees Makeup Products
Some girls do not have enough eyelashes, but they still want to have more colossal
eyelashes. Are you looking for thick eyelashes too? Check out the pack of lashes in all the
sizes below. The beauty of eyes lies in the shape of eyelashes. So, get your favorite
eyelashes by Kashee`s makeup products in a reasonable range. 1,500 rupees
11. Bomb highlighter
Similarly, foundations and highlighters for all skin tones are available on the market. all
The skin color is different from other people. So you need to have something that suits your skin. that is
Cosmetics that shine for all purposes. therefore,
The glossy look prefers highlighters. These are available in liquid, compact and loose form. fountain,
There are only flexible and compact highlighters here. Try the following light reflections
A product that brightens the overall appearance. 2,000 rupees
2,000 rupees

12. Lipstick and lip gloss
What would a full face look like without beautiful lip color? There are various lipsticks
Cosmetics. However, the categories are not as specific to skin color as other cosmetics.
product. Now, this brand offers two types of lipsticks. They are:
13. Line and velvet lipstick
Shiny lip gloss
Line and velvet lipstick
For all girls who are crazy about matte lip colors, here is a great collection for them. In addition, all cosmetic brands produce fascinating shades of matte lipstick. Check them out
Next best line and velvety matte lipstick. Pkr 1,200
Rs 2,500

14. Shiny Lip Glosses
Do you want to have glossy lips? So, here are some lip glosses that will give you a glossy
and luster look. Also, the subtle shades will look perfect for an entire beauty look. Try the
variety of lip glosses here. Rs 1,000

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Latest Kashees Makeup Price in Pakistan, Kashees Bridal Makeup Kit Products Price in Pakistan 2022. This Fair Peel Blog Covers all the information of Kashees Makeup Product Range. kashees full makeup kit price in pakistan

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