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John Mayer addresses Taylor Swift’s fans’ ‘hurtful’ messages

John Mayer addresses Taylor Swift’s fans ‘hurtful’ messages
John Mayer addresses Taylor Swift’s fans’ ‘hurtful’ messages

John Mayer recently addressed Taylor Swift’s fans’ ‘hurtful’ messages, threatening him about the songster’s upcoming track.

According to a screenshot circulating on internet, an Instagram user dispatched a hateful message to the 44-year-old singer.

“(expletive) yourself you ugly (expletive) I hope you choke on something,” the message read “answer me you (expletive).”

The Slow Dancing in a Durning Room singer decided not to stay quiet against the troll, as re responded, “I’ve been getting so many messages like these the past couple days.”

“I’m not upset, I just tend to have a curious mind and feel compelled to ask. Do you really hope that I die?” he added.

The user deleted the shared screenshot but did confirm that she was ‘dared’ to send such messages to the singer.

The conversation surfaced online after the Grammy winner released her re-recorded track, All Too Well, from album ‘Red’, allegedly detailing her break-up with ex-boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal.

After which her fans have now started looking forward to the remake version of 2010 album Speak Now.

The upcoming album features a song Dear John which allegedly takes a dig at Mayer and Swift’s past relationship.

The former couple dated from 2009 to 2010. 

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