Ishq Murshid Drama, Ishq Murshid Latest Episode, Ishq Murshid Drama Cast

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“Ishq Murshid,” translated as “Love Guide” in Urdu, is a romantic and light-hearted Pakistani television series directed by Farooq Rind. Produced by Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions, it stars Bilal Abbas Khan and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem in the lead roles. The show premiered on October 8, 2023, on Hum TV.

Plot: “Ishq Murshid” unveils a compelling romantic story centered around two main characters, Shahmeer Sikandar and Shibra Salman. Shibra is a determined, intelligent, and selfless girl with unwavering principles, valuing her family deeply. Hailing from a modest middle-class background, she remains unaffected by material wealth or social status.

Shahmeer emerges as an enigmatic and affluent figure, having pursued education abroad in the UK. Despite his wealth, he carries a lasting scar from his mother’s death in his childhood and conflicts with his father, Dawood. Shahmeer refuses to let go of the fact that his father married the caretaker who had an affair with his late mother.

Ishq Murshid Drama, Ishq Murshid Latest Episode, Ishq Murshid Drama Cast

During his best friend Faraz’s wedding, Shahmeer meets Shibra and is captivated by her confidence and appealing personality. Shibra, attending her best friend Maliha’s wedding, becomes a key player in the unfolding events. On Faraz and Maliha’s wedding night, Shahmeer crashes into their room, sparking a comedic sequence that leads to a plan to get Shibra to marry Shahmeer, despite her aversion to opulence.

Meanwhile, Shibra’s sister Sukaina is facing challenges in her marriage due to her cousin Zohaib’s family’s unreasonable demands.

To win Shibra’s heart, Shahmeer devises a perfect scheme. He disguises himself as a poor man, adopting the identity of Fazal Bakhsh. Fazal secures employment at Shibra’s father’s office and starts a new life to get closer to Shibra.

Ishq Murshid Drama Cast

  • Bilal Abbas Khan as Shahmeer Sikandar aka. Fazal Bakhsh
  • Dur-e-Fishan Saleem as Shibra Salman
  • Omair Rana as Dawood (Shahmeer’s father)
  • Zarmeena Ikram as Farah
  • Hira Tareen as Mehreen
  • Samiya Mumtaz as Zubaida Sikandar
  • Adnan Jaffar as Haroon
  • Salma Hassan as Safia
  • Awais Sulaman as Faraz
  • Shabbir Jan as Faraz’s father
  • Noor ul Hassan as Salman
  • Rabia Noreen as Nargis
  • Hafsa Ehsan Abbasi as Sukaina
  • Sajjad Paul as Zohaib
  • Srha Asghar as Maliha
  • Sajid Shah as Safdar

Production: On March 10, 2023, Bilal Abbas Khan announced his upcoming project on Instagram, where he would be paired opposite Dur-e-Fishan Saleem. Hum TV revealed the look of the actors on June 7, and the first look of the lead actors was revealed on May 23. The first and second teasers were released on August 5, 2023.

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