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Is Joel Osteen Divorced? Find Out How Reliable the Rumors Are!

Is Joel Osteen divorced, like Charles Stanley, who was embroiled in a famous conflict after his wife, Anna Stanley, decided to divorce him? Let’s find out!

You might be wondering if Joel Osteen is divorced or not?

For the past year, there has been a rumor that Joel Osteen had divorced his wife, Victoria Osteen. It’s possible that the truth behind this tale is hard to find.

Joel Osteen (A Famous Televangelist)

Born on March 5, 1963, Joel Scott Osteen is a Houston-based American pastor, preacher, as well as author. Osteen’s tv sermons were watched by roughly 10 million people in the United States and many millions more of them in over 120 countries worldwide on a weekly basis in 2018. 

Osteen is indeed a best-selling author who has published a number of books. In 1999, he gave his debut sermon, taking on the role of his father, who was also a pastor. Joel’s father began Lakewood Church in 1959, and he is now the lead pastor. He is regarded as one of the world’s wealthiest preachers.

The preacher earned a tv and radio communications degree from Euro Roberts University in Oklahoma after graduating from Humble High School in Texas in 1981. He left college to assist his father in the production of a television program for Lakewood Church to forward God’s message.

The Story of Joel Osteen’s Success

Joel took over the office when his father passed away from a heart attack. The church grew to be one of the nation’s largest during Joel’s supervision. The church had grown to about 50,000 weekly attendance, involving celebrities and well-known figures by 2016.

Simultaneously, his television service has had approximately 10 million views in the U. S. and therefore is broadcasted in over 100 countries worldwide. Joel is a believer in the prosperity gospel, despite the fact that he has no academic education in religion or theology.

The central tenet is that God’s goal for “good” Christians is financial success and pleasure. Joel Osteen claims he strives to preach Biblical principles in a straightforward manner, emphasizing the importance of love and an optimistic outlook.

Joel was requested “hundreds” of instances by his father throughout his lifetime, and he only consented to step in when his dad was already on dialysis. Joel’s father died less than a week when he preached for the first time, providing him with a lifelong goal.

The Beginning Of Something New

Victoria Osteen was born in a devout Church of Christ. Her mother, Georgine Iloff was a teacher at Sunday school and her father was a deacon at the church. Osteen had an interest in psychology so she took it as her major at the University of Houston, but she did not finish her degree.

Victoria was a student of high school while working at her mother’s jewelry store side by side. When Joel Osteen walked in to get a new watch battery in 1985, she was working at a jewelry store and met Victoria Iloff there.

Joel was able to get the courage to follow Victoria since he knew she was fascinated by him. It wasn’t until the blissful couple became closer that Joel realized Victoria really liked him.

Since 1987, Joel has been betrothed to Victoria Osteen. Joel and Victoria have a fantastic connection. Jonathan and Alexandria Osteen are their two beautiful children.

Is Joel Osteen Divorced? (Answered)

For years, there have been rumors about the Osteens’ marriage. The speculations regarding their divorce are untrue, according to Victoria. One may infer from their social media postings and updates that they are happy in their life and that their family is as well.

Unlike other religious preachers, Joel isn’t anti-divorce, though. When people are finding someone who isn’t suited for them, Joel Osteen believes they should separate. He also doesn’t want people to feel embarrassed about it. He believes you should address the problem honestly and seek a good partner.

However, The pair have been together for 30 years and they are the epitome of what a successful marriage should be like. After more than 3 decades with each other as a married couple, their relationship still seems to be strong and well. 

Osteen’s Has Always Been a Hotbed of Controversy

Joel Osteen, the pastor of Houston’s Lakewood Church, one of the so-called “megachurches” was chastised after it had been found that he possessed a Ferrari racing car worth more than $300,000.

Osteen also has a $10.5 million residence in contrast to the Ferrari. He maintains that he does not get a salary through his church and that the revenues from his book sales allow him to enjoy a privileged lifestyle.

The televangelist was chastised on social networking sites in late August 2017 when it was reported that his church refused entry of those seeking refuge from Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane wreaked havoc on the economy, causing $126.3 billion in damage and displacing over 30,000 people.

The pastor, Joel Osteen has also been criticized for entrapping the poor and powerless, who can least justify giving away their meager resources to the church, and of tying faith to monetary gain.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Osteen was criticized for accepting $4.4 million in PPP government assistance for his church. That’s one of the greatest loans ever made to a Houston-area company or organization.

Even Victoria Osteen has had to deal with controversies throughout the ages, despite projecting the impression of a nice and dedicated woman and mother. A flight attendant claimed that Osteen pushed her after she made a request for a beverage on her armrest on a Continental Airlines plane from Houston to Vail in December 2005.

This assertion was refuted by witnesses. Osteen was fined $3,000 by the FAA, and the flight attendant, Sharon Brown, launched a civil claim against her, demanding $405,000 in damage. In August 2008, a Houston jury cleared Osteen of any culpability, with the foreman dismissing the complaint as a pointless matter.

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