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Is it Attainable to Be Pregnant and Have No Signs?

Morning illness, heartburn, meals cravings, and breast tenderness are iconic being pregnant signs, however they don’t seem to be the one ones. Being pregnant signs differ in presence, period, and severity from one particular person to the subsequent. Signs may even be completely different from one being pregnant to the subsequent in the identical particular person.

Whereas many pregnant folks expertise these and different frequent signs, it is also potential to undergo being pregnant with out having them. Here is what you’ll want to learn about whether or not experiencing “typical” being pregnant signs is an indication of a wholesome being pregnant and whether or not you need to fear in the event you do not feel signs.

Onset, Frequency, and Severity of Signs

The primary trimester of being pregnant (as much as 13 weeks) is when most individuals expertise frequent signs like fatigue, morning illness, sensitivity to smells, and breast soreness. Usually, early being pregnant signs present up round 5 to 6 weeks after the primary day of your final menstrual interval.

Breast tenderness can start inside one or two weeks of conception. You additionally may discover adjustments in your weight (some folks acquire weight earlier of their pregnancies than others). Many of the extra intense signs of being pregnant (like morning illness) sometimes start to subside by the second trimester.

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It is Completely different for Everybody

Simply because the signs of being pregnant differ from one particular person to the subsequent, so can the frequency and period of signs. As the times and weeks go by, what you expertise will incessantly change as your physique adjustments. On some days, you might need cramping or frequent urination. On others, you could be constipated or have temper swings. There could also be days whenever you really feel no being pregnant signs in any respect.

There isn’t a single definition of “regular” when discussing the presence, kind, and severity of being pregnant signs.

Full Absence of Being pregnant Signs

Some people who find themselves pregnant are relieved to have few or no signs, however others fear {that a} lack of signs is an indication that their being pregnant is just not wholesome or that it might finish in miscarriage. If you haven’t any being pregnant signs in any respect, relaxation assured that whereas it is not frequent, it isn’t unimaginable.

Research have indicated that round 1 in 475 ladies attain the 5-month (20-week) mark earlier than realizing that they’re pregnant. “Cryptic” or “denied” pregnancies can happen for a lot of causes, equivalent to polycystic ovarian syndrome. Typically, it is so simple as somebody not trying or feeling pregnant till they’re practically midway by way of their being pregnant.

Adjustments or Lack of Being pregnant Signs

If you’re apprehensive about any being pregnant signs (or lack thereof), it is all the time cheap to deliver your issues to your physician or midwife. Particularly, there are two conditions that could possibly be a trigger for concern: Adjustments in how a lot fetal motion you are feeling, or being pregnant signs that immediately go away.

Adjustments in Fetal Motion

Whereas some signs are likely to lower as being pregnant progresses, the motion of your child shouldn’t reduce. There can be days when your child is quieter, but when motion immediately stops, or shifts from loads of exercise to slightly, it could possibly be an indication of an issue.

Most individuals begin to really feel their child shifting within the womb (quickening) at round 16 weeks of being pregnant. Take into account that whenever you really feel fetal motion for the primary time can rely on whether or not you have been pregnant earlier than (you are extra prone to acknowledge it the second time round).

Let your physician or midwife know if you have not felt any fetal motion in any respect by 20 weeks.

Later in your being pregnant (from about 28 weeks on), day by day fetal kick counts could also be suggested. Take be aware in case your child is not shifting as a lot or the actions appear diminished. Whereas it doesn’t all the time point out an issue, it’s one thing you need to inform your physician or midwife.

In some instances, decreased or diminished fetal motion has a transparent rationalization and isn’t a trigger for concern. It might be that the fetus is on a “sleep cycle” that accounts for intermittent bouts of much less motion. Or your placenta could also be on the entrance uterine wall (anterior place), which might cushion the feeling of fetal motion.

Whereas it is much less frequent, fetal motion also can lower when the umbilical twine is being compressed. One instance is when the twine turns into wrapped across the neck of the fetus (nuchal twine). Your physician or midwife can examine the umbilical twine utilizing fetal monitoring or an ultrasound.

Disappearing Signs

The sudden disappearance of signs if you are pregnant (particularly when it occurs in the course of the first trimester) can be trigger for concern. On this situation, some ladies report that they “simply do not feel pregnant anymore.”

If this occurs, inform your physician or midwife straight away. Being pregnant signs that abruptly cease might point out miscarriage, even within the absence of frequent indicators of early being pregnant loss equivalent to bleeding or cramping.

A Phrase From Verywell

For some folks, the everyday signs of being pregnant (equivalent to morning illness and fatigue) is usually a problem. For others, issues come up once they have few, or none of, the most typical signs of being pregnant. Being pregnant is completely different for each particular person, and each being pregnant could be completely different even in the identical particular person.

Do not hesitate to speak to your physician or midwife if you’re apprehensive about signs that you’re (or are usually not) having at any level in your being pregnant. The reassurance they will present will scale back your stress, retaining your being pregnant wholesome and fulfilling.

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By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH

Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH is a professor, creator, childbirth and postpartum educator, licensed doula, and lactation counselor.

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