iPhone battery not charging 100%? Learn how to fix

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Is your iPhone battery not charging to 100%? Don’t worry, today we will give you tips that will solve your problem.

From simple software issues to major hardware fixes, there are many reasons why your brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max or older iPhone 13 might not charge 100%. battery is not fully charged , so here are going to tell all the ways to start charging your mobile again.

Why isn’t my iPhone charging above the 80% threshold?
If your iPhone isn’t charging up to 100% , you may notice that it’s at or near the 80% mark because Apple introduced a feature in iOS 13 called “Optimized Charging”. called ” battery charging”. In this feature, the software stops your phone charging up to 80% unless you are using it.

With optimized battery charging, the device uses machine learning to study your daily usage patterns and charging routine, so it limits charging to 80% unless you’re using it.

While this may be an annoying feature, optimized battery charging will help you in the long run. It prolongs the battery life of iPhone and iPad and helps you prevent the battery from draining quickly.

Another reason your iPhone battery is not charging 100% is due to battery temperature . When you overcharge your iPhone or iPad , it generates a lot of heat, which is harmful to the health of the battery . The heat your device generates while charging essentially puts extra stress on the battery , shortening its lifespan. Optimized Battery and iOS can limit charging to 80% if the battery temperature exceeds Apple’s recommended limits .

How to turn off Optimized Battery Charging
While the Optimized Battery Charging feature will help extend your battery life, you may want to turn it off to see if your phone can fully charge to 100%. Or maybe you don’t like this feature. So let us know and it’s easy to turn it off.

Go to Settings option on your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and tap on Battery then click on Battery Health option.

To turn off optimized battery charging, press the toggle. There will be two options, turn it off until tomorrow or turn it off permanently, select which one you want.

Change the charging location to a cooler location
As mentioned earlier, the temperature of the battery can affect this, so your iPhone or iPad may not charge to 100% and stop near the 80% mark. To fix this, you should try moving your iPhone or iPad to a cooler location, which will be more conducive. If you can, avoid direct sunlight, poorly ventilated rooms and devices that can generate heat.

Sometimes, wireless chargers can make your iPhone quite hot so make sure to check the temperature regularly while your iPhone is charging .

Remove your phone case to dissipate the heat
While cases are great for protecting your iPhone or iPad from drops and scratches, they can generate heat while charging or using your iPhone, causing your iPhone to charge 100%. can not be. If you’ve completed the previous steps to turn off Optimized Battery Charging and moved to a cooler location, try removing your case.

Close apps that are draining battery
Often there are many apps running in the background, so your phone may heat up due to this. You should close these apps which may lower the battery temperature a bit.

Use OEM charging accessories
Sometimes the problem can be because you are using fake or unauthorized charging accessories that do not have the proper certification from Apple for iPhone (MFi). If you’ve exhausted all the other options we’ve outlined, try to get one of the best replacement Lightning cables, preferably from Apple if you can.

Hope these tips help you solve this problem. But if these tips don’t work, you may need to take your iPhone or iPad to an Apple Authorized Repair Center to have it looked at or replaced.

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