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How Tyra Banks Son ‘York Banks Asla’ Is Being Raised?

York Banks Asla, Tyra Banks son, is causing a stir on the internet with his adorable looks. Tyra Banks has recently begun sharing her motherhood and co-parenting stories on social media.

Tyra Banks is the biggest supermodel to be talked about. She is the most richest and renowned celebrity in the fashion industry. Being the founder of the smash hit show America’s Next Top Model, she also hosted that show with grace.

Although Banks was caught in many controversies for her remarks regarding beauty standards, she also spoke out about accepting different skin colors and called for diversity in the fashion world.

How Tyra Banks Son Is The Talk Of The Town?

York Banks Asla, Tyra Banks’ son, is growing very quickly. Thankfully, fans may occasionally see cute photos of him on Instagram because Tyra Banks, his famous mother, shares them on her official account.

Although in the past she has kept her personal life lowkey after retiring from modeling in 2005, she has revealed some information about how the curly-haired beauty works at home, adding that her son, York is a “boss” and quite demanding.

York Banks Asla

The famous runway model, Tyra Banks’s son, York Banks Asla was born on January 1, 2016 via surrogacy. Her partner Erik Asla and Banks had faced a lot while planning about their child previously.

How Tyra Banks Son 'York Banks Asla' Is Being Raised

Tyra started homeschooling her kid while under quarantine because of the Covid-19 outbreak. She’s previously stated that she does not really want her kid to become a model, but she also stated that she will freely embrace anything York wants to pursue as a profession.

“The best present we worked and prayed so hard for is finally here. He’s got my fingers and big eyes and his daddy Erik’s mouth and chin,” BanX captioned on her Instagram after welcoming York Banks Asla.

Erik Alsa, York’s father, is a professional photographer whom Banks met whilst hosting the Norwegian edition of “Top Model.” The pair began dating in 2013, but ended their relationship in 2017 on good terms.

The couple tried to conceive for quite some time. According to Entertainment Tonight, Banks attempted to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization several times over the course of a year and a half. 

“Yeah, I don’t remember if it was, ‘Am I less than a woman?’” ET learns from Banks. “But I remember just thinking, ‘Oh my god, I waited too long, like, why did I do this?’”

Banks was distraught and had given up hope. But then a strange thing happened. After failing to conceive after many attempts, the supermodel decided to explore the surrogacy method. 

This was a decision she was originally hesitant to make at first but then she went for it. “It wasn’t just infertility,” she explains to Scarymommy.

How Tyra Banks Explores Parenting Methods

Tyra Banks is determined to be the greatest mother she could become. One of the most important lessons she focused on modifying in her son, York, is the value of hard work.

“I am a very hardworking momma and hopefully a good example to my son that you know momma works really, really hard and that’s how we have these things, and we can travel and get on airplane, airplane, airplane, to go and see the world,” Banks told E! News.

For Banks being a career-oriented mother had faced many challenges when it came to parenting in a good way. 

The most difficult task at first was trying to balance her work schedule and caring for her son at the same time. She was fatigued and had worked hard to become the multitasker she is now.

“The hardest part about motherhood is being really, really tired,” Banks said. “Sometimes, you just are exhausted. You want to sleep.”

York, Banks’ son, is a young genius in addition to his prestigious status of ‘boss.’ He learned three languages as a toddler, which are English, Spanish and Norwegian. 

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tyra Banks stated that his kid is “in charge” at home and he is such a boss baby that tells Banks what to do sometimes.

Banks, on the other hand, attempts to instill excellent etiquette in her kid. She even understood at one time that he may be more inclined to misbehave when he is not paying attention to her at home.

Tyra always tries to put her phone aside when her son wants her to play with him. Before this, York used to throw tantrums whenever his mother was on the phone.

So, Tyra noticed the pattern and now whenever she is with her son, York, she does not use her phone, and this is the best parenting style, where the kid gets all the attention.

Banks describes her child as “a good science boy” in an interview with Closer Weekly. So we got the idea that York loves Science. Hope to see him becoming a great scientist one day!

It required Banks some time to embrace that truth, and even at the time, mainly her mother and a handful of pals were aware of her circumstances, and all the stress Banks was bearing.

Motherhood Is A Blessing

Banks, on the other hand, appears to be pleased with motherhood for the time being. She and Asla were never married and separated in 2017, although they share custody of York. 

Banks’ son is likewise living his best life, which includes spending quality time with his father, Erik Asla. York will reach new heights in his life as a result of his multicultural upbringing.

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