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The way to Shave Pubic Hair If You Have a Vagina

In case you determine to shave, irrespective of which physique half it’s that you simply’re shaving, 99% of instances, the method is fairly intuitive. However that 1% comes into play after we’re speaking pubic hair. In case you’re questioning how you can shave pubic hair, you are not alone. There’s noticeably much less information on the market for shaving down there than there’s about shaving different physique hair.

When shaving pubic hair, you are coping with a delicate space so that you’d positively need to maintain a number of ideas in thoughts. Within the curiosity of constructing certain you are shaving safely and successfully, here is a step-by-step information for how you can shave pubic hair from begin to end. Plus, recommendation from medical doctors on what to do if one thing goes incorrect (from nicks and cuts to pesky ingrown hairs).

1. Trim Your Pubic Hair

Shaving your pubic space is simpler whenever you’ve already trimmed off any extra hair. Seize a pair of small scissors or a hair trimmer and reduce your pubic hair so it is just a few centimeters lengthy.

2. Exfoliate the Pores and skin

Use a loofah, washcloth, or exfoliating sponge to softly exfoliate your pores and skin earlier than shaving. Exfoliating will take away any useless pores and skin and will let you shave the hair as close to to the foundation as doable. Harsh exfoliants aren’t mandatory and may really do extra hurt than good in your pubic space. A easy scrub-down is all you want.

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3. Apply Shaving Cream

Apply a beneficiant quantity of shaving cream to the areas you need to shave. It is best to make use of fragrance-free shaving cream on the realm, as lotions with perfume can irritate the fragile pores and skin.

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4. Shave within the Route of Hair Progress

Pull the pores and skin taut and shave within the route of your hair development to keep away from irritating the hair follicle.

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5. Rinse Away the Cream

Rinse away any extra shaving cream with heat water and gently dry off.

6. Moisturize with a Perfume-Free Lotion

Comply with up shaving by moisturizing with a fragrance-free lotion. In case you’re about to dress and exit, you too can placed on a powder-like Gold Bond Powder to stop rubbing or chafing (talc-based powders or child powder are not really helpful).

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Every thing Else You Need to Know About Shaving Down There

Even when you’ve got a superb deal with on how you can shave pubic hair, you most likely nonetheless have some lingering questions, like… why is there hair there within the first place? And what do I do if I reduce myself? We talked to prime dermatologists to get solutions to those and different questions on tending our gardens.

Why does hair develop on my pubic space?

Specialists consider it has to do with how your physique defends itself. “In some methods, pubic hair is sort of a protecting barrier,” says Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology. “Hair that exists in creases of the physique, even like within the armpits, or areas that get sweaty, is probably there to assist stop chafing,” she says.

Certainly, “hair down there” appears to be evolution’s manner of defending your inner physique from itself — in addition to from different overseas entities — even defending in opposition to situations like molluscum contagiosum or STDs like herpes. “While you shave that hair,” Dr. Nazarian notes, “you’re leaving the pores and skin extra weak to those infectious brokers.” However don’t let that cease you from stripping away undesirable follicles — shaving your vulva is completely protected if achieved within the correct manner.

How can I be certain I’m shaving fastidiously sufficient?

First off, “by no means dry shave,” says New York dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler, “so both lather up with a superb cleaning soap or a physique wash to your pre-shaving therapy.”

Secondly, Dr. Wechsler urges in opposition to utilizing uninteresting blades wherever close to your non-public elements. “Some individuals suppose sharp razors are unhealthy,” she says, “however sharp razors are literally higher — it’s the identical factor as knives. Individuals suppose you’re extra prone to get damage with a pointy knife, however a uninteresting knife is definitely extra harmful to make use of as a result of it’s important to push tougher to get it to work.” For a better shave, use a pointy razor.

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