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How old is Steven Bartlett and what is his net worth?

How old is Steven Bartlett and what is his net worth?

DRAGON, CEO, and podcast host Steven Bartlett has become an instant hit with viewers and listeners alike.

The businessman, who replaced Tej Lalvani on the 19th series of Dragon’s Den, will be playing for England in Soccer Aid 2022.

Who is Steven Bartlett?

Steven was born in Botswana on 26 August 1992, before moving to the UK aged two, making him the youngest ever Dragon.

The Mancunian runs several companies and has also published a book; Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love and Success,.

Steven dropped out of university to run companies The Social Chain and Media Chain, which he founded at age 22.

Five years later he took the firm public, and in 2021 he announced two new companies, Thirdweb and Flight Story.

Steven Bartlett and Mark Wright on Loose Women Soccer Aid special


Steven Bartlett and Mark Wright on Loose Women Soccer Aid specialCredit: Rex

Steven has 1.8m followers on Instagram.

His book made the Sunday Times best-seller list, while his podcast, The Diary of a CEO, regularly tops listener number charts.

Bartlett has been featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and has won accolades at the Black British Business Awards.

What is Steven Bartlett’s net worth?

Bartlett’s owns the companies The Social Chain and Media Chain.

They are currently valued at £300 million.

According to Forbes magazine, the entrepreneur was valued at £71 million when he was just 26 years old.

Is he married and does he have any children?

By the sounds of it, Bartlett does not have any children but is not single.

The TV star tends to keep his personal life private and out of the spotlight.

He has mentioned “his girlfriend” multiple times on his hugely popular Diary of a CEO podcast.

More recently, he interviewed writer Jay Shetty, where he went on to discuss meditation, Steven opened up about how his girlfriend had helped him to try the method to keep calm.

Who is Steven Bartlett dating?

Steven is currently dating French influencer Melanie Vaz Lopez.

Melanie runs beauty and wellbeing business Auraya.

The couple met on Instagram in 2016 and are believed to have dated for a year before Steven broke off the relationship due to work commitments.

It’s believed that Steven went on to regret his decision and after realising his mistake flew out to Bali to successfully woo Melanie and win her back in February 2022.

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