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How It Feels, Why It Occurs, What to Do

What Is Lightning Crotch?

Lightning crotch describes a kind of sharp ache within the vaginal space that may occur throughout being pregnant. Whereas lightning crotch—with its tell-tale, sudden “lightning bolt” or painful tingling feeling within the pelvic space—will not be harmful, the ache could be very actual. Fortunately, nevertheless, it’s short-lived, as this being pregnant discomfort is available in fast bursts of ache.

Lightning crotch will not be a medical time period, however many docs and healthcare professionals acknowledge it as a typical, uncomfortable, however usually innocent symptom of being pregnant. The situation will not be thought-about critical except it’s accompanied by different extra regarding signs equivalent to vaginal bleeding, contractions, fever, or dizziness.

As a standalone symptom, lightning crotch additionally isn’t an indication of impending labor. Fortunately, the signs of lightning crotch are normally transient and skilled sometimes.


Signs of lightning crotch fluctuate from individual to individual. Some pregnant folks don’t expertise lightning crotch in any respect, some expertise it solely intermittently, and a few expertise it very often. You could expertise lightning crotch extra usually in a single being pregnant and by no means in one other. Sometimes, signs could embody the next:

  • A pointy feeling like a bolt of electrical energy, taking pictures ache, or a pins-and-needles sensation within the vagina, rectum, uterus, and/or pelvic space
  • A “take your breath away” second of ache
  • Bursts of ache that come on immediately, with out warning, after which disappear
  • Capturing, tingling ache down the legs

Signs normally cross as shortly as they arrive however could proceed on and off.

When to Name the Physician

On their very own, the signs of lightning crotch are nothing to be involved about. Though sudden and typically very uncomfortable, lightning crotch is a traditional symptom of being pregnant.

It’s all the time advisable to deliver up any new signs along with your healthcare supplier, however in case you are experiencing the signs of lightning crotch and nothing else, you’ll be able to wait till your subsequent appointment to debate this. Nonetheless, you probably have any questions or issues, contact your physician.

Nevertheless, in the event you expertise any of the next signs, together with pelvic strain, and taking pictures “electrical” pains, contact your healthcare supplier straight away:

Causes of Lightning Crotch

The signs of lightning crotch have two principal causes: strain and nerve stimulation.


Stress on the pelvic area out of your rising child, uterus, and placenta can create the ache you’re feeling. This strain could worsen when your child kicks, strikes, or adjustments place, and drops down additional into the pelvis.

Nerve Stimulation

Stimulation of nerve endings within the cervix and uterus by all that added strain from the rising child, create these sensations of electricity-like taking pictures pains and tingling.

Most pregnant folks expertise the signs of lightning crotch as their being pregnant progresses, normally feeling it most frequently within the third trimester. Nevertheless, it’s potential to happen in direction of the top of the second trimester as properly.

The timing relies on how a lot strain you might be experiencing out of your increasing uterus and rising child and whether or not your child is able to stimulate the nerve endings in your cervix and uterus. Lightning crotch could intensify or turn into extra frequent when your child strikes or after they drop decrease into the pelvis on the finish of being pregnant.

Lightning Crotch Does Not Point out Impending Labor

Though elevated episodes of lightning crotch could point out that your child is dropping additional down into your pelvis, it isn’t an indication that labor is imminent, particularly you probably have no different accompanying signs equivalent to backache, menstrual-like cramps, nausea, diarrhea, leaking fluid, and/or common contractions that enhance in frequency and depth.

Different Causes of Pelvic Ache in Being pregnant

Pelvic discomfort throughout being pregnant is quite common — and you may have a couple of form of pelvic ache or discomfort directly. Different circumstances that trigger pelvic ache in being pregnant embody the next:

Being pregnant-Associated Pelvic Girdle Ache

Being pregnant-related pelvic girdle ache (PGP) is brought on by stiff pelvic joints throughout being pregnant. Signs embody ache over the middle of your pelvic bone, between your vagina and anus (perineum), and ache taking pictures down your thighs. You might also hear clicking within the pelvic area.


Sciatica throughout being pregnant can be a “taking pictures ache” sensation brought on by strain on nerve endings by your rising uterus. On this case, it’s the sciatic nerve that’s stimulated, inflicting ache and tingling within the decrease again, hips, buttocks, and down the legs.

Spherical Ligament Ache

Spherical ligament ache is widespread within the second and third trimester of being pregnant and is characterised by stomach discomfort, pulling sensations, and typically sharp, taking pictures pains. These sensations could also be skilled within the stomach, hips, or groin space.

Vulvar Varicosities

Varicose veins don’t simply happen in our legs. Throughout being pregnant, it’s possible you’ll develop a kind of varicose veins within the vagina known as vulvar varicosities. Signs embody ache, heaviness, strain, and swelling within the vaginal space.


There is no such thing as a therapy for lightning crotch, except for delivering the child. Nevertheless, the discomfort ought to go away shortly and by itself (though it could come again). Be aware that If ache lasts longer than a minute, it could be one thing apart from lightning crotch. Fortunately, these pains do go away after childbirth.


For those who expertise lightning crotch very often, or if its signs are actually bothersome, it’s possible you’ll be searching for methods to lower your discomfort. There are a number of treatments to attempt that will present some reduction.

Stay Lively

Persevering with to softly transfer throughout being pregnant retains your joints versatile and reduces the prospect of extra weight acquire, which might put strain in your complete physique, together with your pelvis.

Take Periodic Rests

Though remaining lively is useful, your physique additionally wants additional relaxation in being pregnant. Standing upright for lengthy durations of time will increase downward pelvic strain; contemplate staying off your ft extra often in case your lightning crotch will get exacerbated with extra time in your ft.

Change How You Transfer Your Physique

Extra twisting, bending, and lifting throughout being pregnant could enhance the frequency of lightning crotch. Pay attention to the other ways you progress your physique all through your day or as a part of your job. Search for patterns and intention to change issues up. Lower actions that will pressure your stomach space and put extra strain in your pelvic area.

Get a Therapeutic massage

A masseuse well-versed in being pregnant discomforts might be able to lower a few of your signs, or at the very least make you are feeling extra relaxed.

Strive a Chiropractor

Light chiropractic changes may help some pregnant individuals who expertise pelvic or stomach discomfort. Be certain to see a chiropractor who’s skilled in being pregnant, and who works in a mild, measured method.

Go for a Swim

The buoyancy of water can take the strain off your pelvis throughout being pregnant. A pleasant swim could even assist shift your child’s head so it’s not placing fairly a lot strain in your cervix and joints.

Put on a Being pregnant Assist Belt

The downward strain of your rising stomach can take a toll in your complete physique, and contribute to circumstances like lightning crotch. A being pregnant assist brace or belt helps carry the stomach, which can cut back a few of that strain. There are various differing kinds and types of being pregnant assist belts on the market. You’ll be able to ask your healthcare supplier, and even different pregnant mates, for suggestions.

A Phrase From Verywell

It’s necessary to do not forget that by itself, lightning crotch will not be dangerous. Nonetheless, lightning crotch could be fairly painful, however there’s an finish in sight. Though signs could final up till the very finish of being pregnant—and should get progressively worse as your child grows and places added strain in your cervix—signs will disappear as quickly as your baby is born.

In case your signs are bothering you often and at-home treatments aren’t serving to, positively deliver this up along with your physician or midwife.

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