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Homoflexible (or Heteroflexible): What Does It Imply?

Homoflexible folks primarily establish as gay however are generally interested in the other intercourse. In the meantime, heteroflexible folks primarily establish as heterosexual, or “straight,” however are generally interested in the identical intercourse.

Homoflexible and heteroflexible are pretty new phrases that haven’t but been broadly adopted as sexual identities. Because of this these phrases might imply various things to totally different folks and that the commonly accepted definitions of those phrases might broaden or evolve. 

It is very important respect any particular person’s sexual id and the label they select.

What Is the Distinction Between Bisexual, and Homoflexible/Heteroflexible?

Bisexuality contains people who find themselves attracted sexually or romantically to folks of the identical gender and one other gender. That might embody heteroflexible or homoflexible folks. For some folks, a bisexual label suits their identities finest.

Folks can, and infrequently do, establish as multiple label at one time. For instance, some folks establish as each heteroflexible and bisexual as a result of the frequent definitions of each phrases apply to how they describe their orientation.

It’s necessary to respect the terminology that an individual might use at totally different factors of their life. Every individual might establish as one other label at totally different instances.

Myths and Misconceptions about Homoflexible or Heteroflexible

Among the frequent misconceptions folks have about bisexuality additionally apply to those that establish as homoflexible or heteroflexible. These embody:  

  • Many individuals think about bisexuality or homoflexible/heteroflexible to be “only a section.” The truth is, the bulk of people that establish as one in every of these orientations aren’t experimenting or casually making use of these labels. 
  • Some folks assume of people that establish with an orientation that features attraction to multiple intercourse as “grasping.” In reality, simply because an individual has the capability to develop points of interest to multiple gender doesn’t essentially imply they should have multiple companion at a time to really feel fulfilled. 
  • Whereas some individuals who establish as homoflexible or heteroflexible may additionally establish as polyamorous (having a number of companions at one time), it once more is a delusion that these persons are in some way grasping by nature. These identifiers are exterior of the mainstream to a point, however they’re no much less legitimate than the extra frequent heterosexual or gay orientations. 
  • It’s miconseption that individuals who establish as bisexual (or, relatedly, homoflexible or heteroflexible) are promiscuous. Whereas folks have their very own views about acceptable sexual selections, being interested in multiple gender is a sexual orientation that’s not associated to morality. 
  • One other frequent delusion associated to orientations like bisexual, homoflexible, and heteroflexible is that everyone identifies with these phrases to a point. Whereas it’s potential and regular for folks to expertise attraction to numerous genders in some unspecified time in the future of their lives, these emotions fade for most individuals and don’t turn into a part of their id. 

Serving to Your Cherished Ones Perceive Homoflexible or Heteroflexible

Keep in mind that it’s all the time as much as you to resolve how and when to come back out to your folks and family members. Although some folks discover it useful or cathartic to come back out, you do not want to be open about your sexual id with anybody you don’t wish to.

Once you clarify to somebody what it means to establish as homoflexible or heteroflexible, you may present as a lot element as you’d like. You may merely clarify that you’re primarily interested in folks of the identical intercourse however generally really feel interested in somebody of one other intercourse (homoflexible), or that you simply primarily establish as straight however generally really feel interested in folks of the identical intercourse (heteroflexible). 

You could discover it useful to clarify these phrases in relation to bisexuality, which is a extra broadly understood idea. 

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