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Henry: Identify That means, Origin, Reputation

What Does Henry Imply? 

Henry is a quite common French identify for boys. It’s believed to be derived from the French identify Henri, which in flip is regarded as derived from the identify Heimeric, an outdated German identify which means “home ruler.” The identify is made up of two elements: “Heim,” which implies dwelling and “Ric,” which implies ruler.  Henry can also be a typical surname in Eire and France.

Regardless that it’s often traced to French and German roots, the precise origin of the identify is commonly debated. Essentially the most well-known individual with the identify may be Henry VIII, a controversial King of England. He had six wives and beheaded two as a result of they couldn’t have sons for him.

Henry is often a masculine identify. Feminine variants like Harriet and Henrietta are sometimes thought-about by mother and father who need to give a variation of the identify to their child lady. Henry is a dignified identify. Henry and its variants have been given to a number of kings and noblemen throughout Europe. It was launched to England by the Normans the place it was subsequently given to eight kings.

  • Origin: The origin of the identify is commonly debated. The earliest origin it may be traced to is Historical Germany the place it was derived from the identify Heimeric.
  • Gender: Henry is often given to boys, however it may be given to infants of any gender.
  • Pronunciation: Hen-ree

Though many child names are separated by gender, Verywell Household believes that intercourse doesn’t must play a task in your identify choice course of. It’s vital to pick out a reputation that you just really feel fits your new child the very best. 

How Common Is the Identify Henry? 

Henry and different variations of the identify are very talked-about. Its variant Harry was so frequent at some extent in England that the phrase “each Tom, Dick, and Harry” was born and used to check with males usually.

Henry is especially in style in the USA and English-speaking international locations the world over. In 2007, it was on the highest 100 hottest names for boys listing in Australia, England, Wales, and the USA.  In line with 2020 information from the Social Safety Administration, Henry is the ninth hottest identify for boys in the USA.

Identify Variations 

A standard variant for the identify Henry individuals discover attention-grabbing is Harry or Herry. The identify was a spoken type of Henry in medieval England. Many Kings of England in that point who have been named Henry have been additionally referred to as Harry. 

Henry has a number of identify variations from cultures all the world over. A number of the hottest embody: 

  • Anri (Georgian) 
  • Einri (Irish) 
  • Enric (Catalan) 
  • Enrico (Italian) 
  • Genrikh (Russian) 
  • Harri (Welsh) 
  • Harry (English) 
  • Heimirich (German)
  • Heiner (German) 
  • Heinrich (German)
  • Hendry (Scottish) 
  • Henrik (Danish, Armenian, Swedish) 
  • Henrikas (Lithuanian) 
  • Henrique (Portuguese)
  • Henryk (Polish) 
  • Hinrik (Icelandic) 
  • Indrikis (Latvian) 

Related Names

Should you just like the identify Henry however are nonetheless on the fence, contemplate another names which have an analogous really feel: 

  • Arthur 
  • Benjamin 
  • Charles 
  • Finn 
  • Jack 
  • James 
  • Leo 
  • Oliver 
  • Owen 
  • Samuel 
  • Theodore 
  • William 

Recommended Sibling Names

Some potential sibling names for Henry could embody:

  • Alexandra
  • Amelie
  • Edward
  • Eleanor
  • George
  • Noah
  • William

Well-known Individuals Named Henry    

Throughout the final century, a number of notable individuals have been given the identify Henry. Celebrities like Julia Roberts and Heidi Klum have named their sons Henry. 

In case you are pondering of naming your child Henry, listed below are some inspiring individuals who your child will share a reputation with:

  • Henry Cavill, British actor 
  • Henry Czerny, Canadian stage and tv actor 
  • Henry Fonda, American actor 
  • Henry Ford, American car producer 
  • Henry Hudson, arctic naval explorer 
  • Henry J. Heinz, founding father of Heinz Ketchup firm 
  • Henry James, British novelist 
  • Henry Winkler, American actor and producer 
  • William Henry Invoice Gates, businessman, philanthropist, and co-founder of Microsoft 

Extra Child Names

Nonetheless looking for the proper child identify? Try these associated child identify lists for much more choices: 

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By Toketemu Ohwovoriole

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