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Assist! My leg hair grows *method* too quick

You requested: Each time I shave my leg hair, it grows again thicker, darker and worst of all—rapidly! I desire a easy shave that lasts for not less than three days, but it surely simply doesn’t work. What can I do to get a long-lasting easy shave?

GL answered: Welcome to the great world of shaving. It may be a bit bushy at instances (get it?), however that’s why we’re right here that will help you. Sadly, what you’re describing is a superbly regular facet impact of shaving. Fortunately, there are different methods to take away undesirable hair.

To higher enhance the outcomes of shaving, ensure you’re utilizing a moisturizing shaving cream or gel. Cleaning soap can go away your pores and skin dry and extra liable to cuts. You must also attempt shaving in opposition to the grain (in the other way of the way in which your hair is rising) to get a more in-depth, cleaner reduce (although, should you discover redness or razor burn, you must truly do the alternative). After all, you must all the time use a recent blade. The outcome shall be a smoother shave that lasts a little bit longer.

On common, shaving often lasts between three and 5 days. Although, relying on the colour and thickness of your hair, it may not final as lengthy. You can additionally attempt a depilatory, which is a cream, akin to Nair, used for eradicating hair. Attempt a small patch of hair earlier than making use of the cream to your entire leg to ensure you’re not allergic.

Sometimes, you retain the cream on for about 5 minutes earlier than washing it off with water. Comply with the instructions on the field intently and don’t be afraid to ask your mother or massive sis for assist.

Waxing is one other technique to take away hair. Not like shaving and depilatories, that is most likely probably the most painful method and finest left to professionals. Sizzling wax is utilized to your leg, a white piece of paper is utilized to the wax after which ripped off actually quick like a Band-Help. When you’re courageous, you’ll be able to attempt an at-home waxing equipment, however you must undoubtedly ask for help. Better of luck, hon!

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