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5 highly effective states unwilling to just accept Imran Khan as PM

A senior journalist and anchorperson revealed that 5 main nations are against Imran Khan turning into Pakistan’s prime minister.

Rauf Klasra made the revelations in his vlog, shared the video on Twitter, and questioned whether or not Mr. Khan is the issue or the complete world.

He talked about the influence of Imran Khan’s narrative of the US-plotted regime change and tirade towards Gen Bajwa within the evaluation.

Rauf Klasra make clear the significance of Pakistan’s ties with the world and its reliance on $80 billion in imports together with $50 billion in oil and fuel.

With out naming the nation, he mentioned these are pals of Pakistan or the states which have been supporters of Pakistan.

The senior journalist quoted his buddy Kamran Yusuf who has a eager eye on international affairs as saying the embassies of Pakistan in highly effective nations despatched letters complaining that they might not have the ability to proceed if Imran Khan turns into the prime minister once more.

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