Fall Must-Haves For A Student During Study Time

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Fall must-haves for a student during study time


Most of the students usually use the same old tricks to study which aren’t that effective at all. According to research, those decades-old tricks are not as useful as the students think they are. Mostly, students don’t even study with a proper plan. They just go through their notes and re-read it, trying to memorize it. 

However, some tips will elevate your study game. You should try out these tricks to experience an efficient learning session while studying this fall. So, let’s explore the tips to make your study time more productive.

1) Recovery Practice:

Recovery practice is taking information out of your brain with the help of short quizzes and tests like MCQs. As, a student you can use this technique to test your understanding of the topic. Or if you are a teacher then testing it on your students will give you some beneficial insights about their learnings and how well they adapted the information. 

2) Information Overloading:

Generally, it has been observed that students take their notes out to study just before the night of their tests (Frankly, I was one of them, Until I started avoiding overloading information in my brain). 

If your test is next week then instead of studying a night before exams, thinking that your brain will remember the information is not a smart move. Suppose, you study 6 hours that night. But there is a very high possibility that you will forget it. However, if you break this learning into different days, like studying an hour for the whole week. And every day you recall what you studied before will help you remember the information for a long time.

3) Movement While Studying:

Sitting in front of a desk for hours is not effective practice. As we are not supposed to be still in a place for hours. Even taking breaks while sitting at a similar place would not help you. Scrolling through your Instagram feed during your break while sitting still would not help you to be more productive. 

But that doesn’t mean that you buy a treadmill and run on it while studying. Walk in your room or around your house to enhance your learning. For instance, you can set up your studying according to the subjects. Like if you are studying history then study it with the same ambiance. And set up a goal that if you don’t achieve that specific target. So, doing some pushups will help you do better.

4) Know Your Weaknesses And Work On Them:

You might be good in all of the subjects (Which is normal). The students know the subjects and topics in which he/she is weak and need improvement. So, make sure to spend more time working on your weaknesses. Suppose, you are not that good at Math (Which I was, when I was a student) So, make sure to get assistance and guidance like Homework writing help in UAE to get a perfect plan and learning strategies to make it more fun. This, will not only increase your interest but also make it convenient for you to learn it and do good in your studies.

5) Take Good Sleep And Focus On Self-Care:

Without good mental and physical health maintaining a good study habit is like digging a well. Good mental health from good physical health. A lot of physical health depends on taking enough rest to make the functioning of your brain better.

6) Significance Of Planning And Scheduling:

Although, all the above tips are very effective you can use them in this fall season. But that is amongst the most important ones planning and scheduling your study time. 

Planning your time effectively means dividing your time according to your priorities, weaknesses, and strengths. But don’t forget to plan your breaks as well in your study schedule. And make a plan for a time when nothing distracts you.  So, you should start your fall season with planning and scheduling to make your time more effective.

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